The secrets of perfect wedding photography

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As a Puglia wedding photographer, I have attended countless weddings over the years. It's always fascinating to see how each couple reacts to the different moments and activities that take place on their big day.

This article will help you discover the secrets of perfect wedding photography. Read on to find out everything from practical tips for capturing your big day in stunning images, to why it's so important to have a plan ahead of your wedding day so you can stay relaxed and have fun on your special day.

Be ready for the arrival of the wedding day!

masseria san michele The arrival of the wedding day is a very emotional moment! Make sure you're ready to capture every moment. Having a plan before the big day will help you de-stress and focus on what's really important. Don't forget to shoot in natural light whenever possible for great photos. And honorable mention: bokeh is magical, so be sure to photograph it when you can!

Have a plan before the wedding day

Having a plan before your wedding day is important to make sure everything goes smoothly. It will be helpful to plan in advance what to photograph, in what order and how to organize the photos. This way, you will be less stressed on your wedding day and can focus on other important things. Don't stress about capturing every single detail of your big day

Don't stress about capturing every single detail of your big day.

fotografo a BariThis is advice that is worth following, especially if you are not exactly an expert photographer. Try to focus on the key moments of the day and on the most important aspects of the ceremony and party, so that you can create a beautiful memory of this special day. Take in natural light whenever possible

Take in natural light whenever possible.

Natural light is an essential element in achieving outstanding wedding photographs. If you don't have enough natural light, you can always use artificial lamps, but make sure they are well positioned so as not to create unwanted shadows.

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Honorable mention: Bokeh is magical, so be sure to photograph it when you can.

Bokeh is one of the most important things to consider when photographing someone's wedding. This visual effect is achieved when light is focused on a single point and everything else seems to fade into thin air. To create this effect, be sure to use a lens with a large aperture and focus on the background. In this way, you will get truly amazing photos that your guests will not soon forget!

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Wedding photographers are particularly expert in finding wonderful places in the city, a good harmony will also allow you to take advantage of new and original ideas, obtaining a wonderful photo shoot.

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