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Greetings! We are Francesco Caroli and Cosmiana Morelli, two professional photographers. We have been working for years, and we are located in Ostuni. We mostly work in Puglia, but we love moving and meeting couples from all over Italy. During the years we have built our style that makes us capture all the couple’s happiness and emotions. We pay attention to details, capturing your loving eyes and your touching hands. We will make each photo quiver with you, just like a dance...

We will make your special day last forever

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We work with natural light

We create unique moments during the phootoshoots Without bothering you


Welcome to the world of emotional photography

Are you ready to transform your special day into a timeless visual narrative? We are two Italian wedding photographers, ready to capture every magical moment of your love story in every corner of our beautiful country.

Our style, your story: a unique combination

We love authenticity and our approach is inspired by the style of reportage. Every shot is imbued with emotion, capturing the pure and genuine essence of every moment. But there's more: our style is one of a kind, reflecting your uniqueness as a couple. Each photograph is a masterpiece that tells your story in a one-of-a-kind way.

italian wedding photographer

Telling love stories: emotions that last forever

Our goal is to tell your love stories through images that last a lifetime. We are here to capture the most intimate moments, stolen smiles and meaningful glances. Each shot is full of passion and authenticity, designed to make you relive those special moments every time you browse your album.

Welcome to our photographic world, where love becomes art and every wedding is a story worth telling.

italian wedding photographer

Are you looking for an Italian wedding photographer who knows how to tell the story of your wedding in Italy in a reportage way?