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Greetings! We are Francesco Caroli and Cosmiana Morelli, two professional photographers. We have been working for years, and we are located in Ostuni. We mostly work in Puglia, but we love moving and meeting couples from all over Italy. During the years we have built our style that makes us capture all the couple’s happiness and emotions. We pay attention to details, capturing your loving eyes and your touching hands. We will make each photo quiver with you, just like a dance...

We will make your special day last forever

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We work with natural light

We create unique moments during the phootoshoots Without bothering you


Do you want emotional and artistic photographs for your wedding in Matera?

Hello and thank you for joining our life We are two emotional photographers specialized in narration and reportage for weddings in Matera.

We love natural and refined photography that talks about the emotions between human connections.

fotografo matrimonio matera

Explore our world…we are here for you.

We are really happy to show you our original and creative idea in wedding photography.

fotografo matrimonio matera

Matera the City of Sassi UNESCO World Heritage Site

Matera is one of the most fascinating and ancient cities in the world. Being a wedding photographer in Matera always gives new creative stimuli and there are no limits to the choice of breathtaking locations that this splendid city can offer.

Its belvederes, the stones and the churches of the ancient village allow you to have photographs with vintage and boho hues.

What can we give you? For us, marriage has great value, and as such it must be managed and cared for down to the smallest detail, because for us it is important to give you the opportunity to rely on your wedding photographer in Matera..

fotografo matrimonio matera


A fundamental part of our world is to understand and immortalize who you really are, only in this way you can live that unique experience with relaxation and relive who you are today even after 30 years.

A wedding photographer must give you an experience, he must capture those unique moments of your family, he must tell that intense gaze with your father, or with those who will be close to you before starting a new life ...

"It's not easy to express love in words, sometimes it's better to communicate it through a photograph, a memory, a look"

If you are looking for an original wedding photographer in Matera, it is because you don't want to settle.

fotografo matrimonio matera

Are you ready for this new journey together!

You will not have simple photos of your wedding but the story of a day spent with the people you love, we will create the visual legacy of your new family for you.

If you love unique stories, if you love poetry you are ready to enter our world… we are waiting for you.

Your love story has immense value. CHOOSE WITH YOUR HEART