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Greetings! We are Francesco Caroli and Cosmiana Morelli, two professional photographers. We have been working for years, and we are located in Ostuni. We mostly work in Puglia, but we love moving and meeting couples from all over Italy. During the years we have built our style that makes us capture all the couple’s happiness and emotions. We pay attention to details, capturing your loving eyes and your touching hands. We will make each photo quiver with you, just like a dance...

We will make your special day last forever

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Capturing Love Across Italy: Your Destination Wedding Story

Welcome to our world of captured emotions, where each shot is a narrative, and every wedding becomes an unforgettable tale. We are Francesco e Cosmiana, destination wedding photographers operating throughout Italy.

Distinguished by our love for the reportage style, we specialize in capturing authentic, spontaneous moments that make each album truly one-of-a-kind. Every wedding is an opportunity for us to express our creativity, highlighting the beauty within every love story.

Beyond simply capturing events, our photography transcends the ordinary, weaving a tapestry of stories and memories that last. With a decade of global experience, we have had the privilege of connecting with people from different corners of the world, each with their own unique stories and traditions.

In our journey as photographers, a universal truth has emerged: everyone appreciates special moments. It is the thread that binds us together across borders and cultures. As you navigate through life, building your collection of treasured memories, we're ready to capture those fleeting seconds that make your heart skip a beat.

wedding photographers in tuscany

Telling Love Stories Through the Lens: Our Photographic Journey

We revel in narrating stories through images, capturing those special moments that define your unique day. Our goal is to evoke emotions in couples, creating a visual experience that will remain etched in your hearts forever.

Passionate about traveling across Italy, we seek to capture the magic of weddings in breathtaking settings, from charming coastlines to historic cities. Every location is a stage for your love story, and we are here to immortalize each moment with grace, style, and mastery.

Join us on this visual journey, where photography becomes the medium through which we tell your love story. We are ready to capture your most precious moments and transform them into indelible memories. Welcome to the world of Francesco e Cosmiana, where every shot is a step towards eternity.

Photography, for us, is not just about preserving moments; it's about turning them into a visual legacy. Together, let's not only remember the beauty of life, but celebrate it through the art of photography. Your story is unique and we are here to transform it into a timeless masterpiece.

wedding photographers in tuscany

Are you looking for a wedding photographer who knows how to tell the story of your wedding in Tuscany in a reportage way?