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Greetings! We are Francesco Caroli and Cosmiana Morelli, two professional photographers. We have been working for years, and we are located in Ostuni. We mostly work in Puglia, but we love moving and meeting couples from all over Italy. During the years we have built our style that makes us capture all the couple’s happiness and emotions. We pay attention to details, capturing your loving eyes and your touching hands. We will make each photo quiver with you, just like a dance...

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The excitement of wedding preparations is often linked to the many activities to be organized to make the event delightful not only for the newlyweds, but also for the guests. In this whirlwind of choices, it is also necessary to decide who will be the photographer, the undisputed protagonist of the success or failure of a photo shoot that can enhance the beauty of the couple, the ceremony and the wedding party.

The photographer's skill can be improved by suggestive settings, for this reason more and more people are choosing to get married in places that have personality and a very specific identity. Among the most beautiful and fascinating cities is Bari. The vast choice of marine and hilly settings allows taking unforgettable photographs. Opting for a wedding photographer in Bari possibly will be the ideal solution in order to improve your photo shoot. Let's see the reasons that could guarantee you an excellent result with this choice.

Wedding photographer in Bari


fWedding photographer in Bari

Before analysing the reasons that might push you towards choosing a wedding photographer in Bari, it is important to understand the ideal parameters to select a photography professional.


Spread the word from friends and family can help you choose the ideal photographer. Maybe someone you know has had the privilege of collaborating with the photographer you want to do the wedding photo shoot with. Look at the photographs taken and begin to realize if it would suit your style and taste. If his reputation is of a good level, his way of working and his expertise will probably be too.


Every photographer, however good he may be, prefers one style above all. Relying on a professional who is far from the personal tastes of the couple is certainly not the smartest choice. Try to contact a photographer who is close to the style you are looking for and find a synergy with his works and the way to approach the couple.


Choosing a photographer with whom you have already done a photo shoot can be a valid solution, but it is essential to inform yourself about his experience in wedding shots. Turning to a wonderful photographer in social events may not necessarily be the right solution for more serious ones like wedding reportage. Identify a competent and experienced professional in enhancing the couple and the context in which the spouses will be protagonists.


Wedding photographer in Bari

The infinite possibility to choice a good photographer can be limited, in addition to the style with which he works, even in the context where he is dropped. Although quality photographers know how to extricate themselves in the most difficult situations, opting for a local professional can certainly facilitate the beauty of the final work. Puglia is a wonderful region, full of unforgettable settings, choosing a photographer from Bari allows you to take advantage of an extremely sophisticated and targeted service. The knowledge of the place where we have been working for years allows us to enhance every little detail both of the couple and of the setting itself.


A Bari wedding photographer, unlike a photographer who does not know Puglia perfectly, has several arrows in his bow to guarantee you a high-level photo shoot; so he/she can make up for possible unexpected events during such an important happening. Let's examine the most interesting and try to understand why a local professional can make the difference.


Bari is considered one of the most beautiful cities in Italy and Europe, just search some glimpses on the internet to realize how unique the backgrounds can be during the photo shoot on the wedding day. Even if the web can show you the most popular locations in Bari and Puglia, a local photographer has the ability to offer you much more: personal experience. The possibility of taking your photographs in an unprecedented atmosphere, known only by the photographer, will make your shots unique and unforgettable.


Even if it is a bit strange to argue about the cost of a wedding photographer, during planning the event it is certainly not an element to be overlooked. Choosing a Bari photographer will consent you to save on transport and accommodation costs. The costs of a wedding are really many; saving on those in excess is always a smart solution. In addition to this advantage, Bari photographers have friendly relationships with most of the local catering operators, so you can enjoy excellent service while saving money.


The city of Bari offers particularly warm and soft colours, but only a local photographer will be able to hold the nuances. A photo shoot made by a photographer from Bari will lead you to obtain photographs that could only be idealized in your imagination.

Wedding photographer in Bari


The benefits that a Bari photographer can guarantee are really many, excluding the obvious economic aspect, it is important to focus on the potential of the photo shoot carried out by an expert of the place. Each photograph tells a particular story and expresses its emotional impact not only from couple’s happiness, but also from the context surrounding. Most the photographer knows the location, better will be the final result.