Choosing to get married in Puglia

Vincenzo and Federica have always been in love with Puglia. They adore the crystalline sea, the white beaches and the local cuisine. So when they decided to get married, they had no doubts: they wanted a wedding in the heart of Puglia, amidst the beauty and history of this area.

wedding at masseria luco

The perfect location: Masseria Luco

Masseria Luco was the perfect location to celebrate their wedding. An ancient structure, renovated with care and attention to detail, immersed in the Apulian countryside. Masseria Luco has a thousand-year history behind it, and this can be felt in every corner. The white of the walls and the warmth of the exposed bricks blend perfectly with the surrounding nature. It is no coincidence that Masseria Luco has been chosen by many famous artists and personalities for their events.

The civil ceremony in Masseria Luco

The civil ceremony was held outdoors, in a beautiful shaded space with the beautiful church in the background. The guests looked at them, moved and happy, surrounded by the beauty of nature and the warmth of the atmosphere. The decision to celebrate the ceremony outdoors made it possible to create an even more romantic and intimate atmosphere.

wedding at masseria luco

Dinner in Masseria Luco

After the ceremony, all the guests moved to the internal courtyard of Masseria Luco, where lunch was held. The food was fantastic: appetizers, first and second courses, all based on local and quality products. The guests sat around a long wooden table in an atmosphere of celebration and joy.

wedding at masseria luco

The party in Masseria Luco

The party was held in the same internal courtyard, where the guests danced and sang until late at night. The music was perfect, the lights dimmed and the atmosphere romantic. Vincenzo and Federica were very happy, surrounded by the affection of their friends and family.

In conclusion, Vincenzo and Federica's wedding was unforgettable, a day full of emotions and love. Masseria Luco has made everything even more beautiful, thanks to its beauty and its millenary history. If you are thinking of getting married in Puglia, you cannot fail to consider this beautiful location!

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