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Authentic Civil Ceremony

Organizing a wedding is not so simple and after exploring various options, they chose Masseria Quadrelli as the location for the ceremony and reception. The Masseria, dating back to 1700, is an ancient Puglian farmhouse that has been transformed into an elegant rustic-style facility. To organize an alternative and rustic wedding, Helen and Joe worked closely with the managers of Masseria Quadrelli to personalize every detail, from the arrangement of the reception tables to the selection of the menu.

They had very clear ideas and their dream was of an intimate wedding and decided to opt for a low cost wedding and to get married in a civil ceremony instead of getting married in a church. Nevertheless, the day of their wedding was unforgettable for Helen and Joe as well as for their guests. The ceremony was intimate and meaningful and the reception was full of laughter, dancing, and delicious food. Masseria Quadrelli provided the perfect backdrop for their rustic wedding and the team of professionals ensured that everything was perfect. In the end, Helen and Joe celebrated the wedding of their dreams at Masseria Quadrelli and their choice to get married in a civil ceremony instead of a church.

Wedding photographer Puglia

Wedding Preparations

During the wedding preparations, Helen and Joe discovered that Masseria Quadrelli offered many opportunities to create a unique experience for their guests. The farmstay has spacious green spaces, perfect for an outdoor reception and a pool where guests can relax during the day. In addition, the Masseria is surrounded by ancient olive trees and vineyards, creating a charming setting for the ceremony and reception. On the wedding day, Helen and Joe were welcomed by the Masseria Quadrelli staff, who assisted the bride and groom throughout the day. The civil ceremony was held outdoors, by the pool decorated with flowers and candles. The bride and groom shared their vows and exchanged wedding rings in front of their loved ones.

During Helen and Joe's wedding at Masseria Quadrelli, the outdoor photos were taken in this magnificent location. The soft light of the day gave us the opportunity to create unique and romantic images for the bride and groom. The beauty of the Masseria, with its green spaces, ancient olive trees, and vineyards, served as the perfect backdrop for the wedding day photos. The photos captured the happiness and excitement of the bride and groom and their guests and are an indelible memory of their special day at Masseria Quadrelli.

Wedding photographer Puglia

Wedding Reception

The reception was an unforgettable party for all the guests. The kitchen of Masseria Quadrelli offered a menu based on local products and delicious Puglian dishes, accompanied by wines from the local wineries. During the evening, the bride and groom and their guests danced and laughed until late into the night, creating unforgettable memories.

In conclusion

Helen and Joe were able to realize their perfect wedding in Masseria Quadrelli, thanks to the beauty and the expertise of the Masseria Quadrelli team. The ancient Pugliese farmhouse provided the perfect backdrop for their rustic wedding, and every detail was personalized to their taste, from the table arrangements for the reception to the selection of menu items. The wedding was intimate, meaningful, and full of laughter, dancing, and delicious food. The outdoor ceremony by the pool, surrounded by lush greenery and centuries-old olive trees and vineyards, made for a picturesque setting for the exchange of vows and rings.

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Location: Masseria Quadrelli (Sanarica Poggiardo)