The first meeting

Simon and Francesca met in a Berlin pub during an evening with friends. Simon, a young and charming computer programmer, was having a beer with some colleagues when he noticed Francesca, a beautiful and sunny Italian girl who was dancing with her friends.

Simon's approach was very direct: he approached Francesca and invited her to dance with him. She accepted and they have been inseparable ever since. Love grows Simon and Francesca started seeing each other regularly and, despite the cultural differences, they immediately found themselves in harmony. He loved her cheerfulness and her passion for life, she loved his intelligence and her kindness.

After a few months, Simon decided to take the plunge: he asked Francesca to marry him. She accepted enthusiastically and so they started planning their wedding.

tenuta visconti

The wedding in Puglia

Simon and Francesca decided to get married in Puglia because they loved the beauty of the place and its culture.

The Tenuta Visconti in Pesticci, with its vineyards and olive groves, was the perfect location for their civil wedding. The Tenuta, in fact, allowed the couple to have a perfect ceremony and a location that lent itself very well for wedding photos. During the photo session, we had the pleasure of taking some sunset photos, which were simply stunning. The warm and golden light of the sunset gave the photos a magical and romantic touch that made the day even more special for the newlyweds.

tenuta visconti

The ceremony was very emotional:

Simon and Francesca exchanged their love vows in front of relatives and friends from all over the world. The big day of these two guys was a unique and unforgettable experience for everyone who attended. The couple were so thrilled and happy to have their closest friends and family beside them on this very special day. The choice to celebrate their wedding with a civil ceremony in the Visconti Tenuta was a perfect choice. After the ceremony, everyone celebrated with a delicious dinner of local dishes and regional delicacies.

tenuta visconti

The honeymoon After the wedding

Simon and Francesca have decided to spend their honeymoon in Puglia. They visited some of the region's most beautiful cities, such as Lecce, Ostuni and Polignano a Mare, and enjoyed the sun and sea at the local beaches. During their honeymoon, Simon and Francesca solidified their love even further and created unforgettable memories that they will carry with them for a lifetime.


The story of Simon and Francesca proves that love knows no boundaries or cultural barriers. Getting married in a location other than one's country of origin can be an unforgettable and romantic experience, which enriches a couple's life and makes it grow even more together.

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