Some key points for a perfect wedding album

handcrafted wedding albums

In fact, in the next lines we will try to list some key points for a perfect wedding album, so as to satisfy the tastes and needs of the couple.

The realization and creation of a perfect wedding album goes through several factors, from the skill of the photographer to the colors of the cover. The choice can become easier if you follow our advice, perhaps adding them to the ideas you have already developed with your partner.

The importance of the right photographer

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To create a perfect wedding album, choosing a professional photographer can be the key to opening all doors for you. You have to pay attention to the style and way of editing photographs and videos of the professional. When you rely on an expert in a certain photographic style you will be able to get the most out of it for your album, while choosing an excellent photographer but completely inexperienced in the style you want for your wedding can only offer you an unsatisfactory service.

To choose the best photographer for the couple's needs, it is advisable to draw up a list of professionals who love the style chosen for the wedding and can show you their work so you can be on the safe side. More and more couples love to experiment with a modern style aimed at telling their story, but as you can imagine a great film necessarily needs a great director behind it.

The choice of the most suitable style for the bride and groom

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As we anticipated in the previous paragraph, each photographer has a style where he can enhance his qualities and those of the couple. It therefore becomes essential to establish together with the professional which style of the shooting that is closest to the couple's requests.

In order not to incur unpleasant misunderstandings, it is essential to analyze the style of the location and the clothes used, so as to adopt the most intelligent solution to obtain a coherent and high-impact wedding album. There is no doubt that the two styles most loved and requested by couples all over the world are: classic and reportage.

Classic: this type of photo shoot is part of that style aimed at traditional poses and shooting, with relatives and guests constantly called to order for the group shot.

Reportage: in this case the photo shoot is completely managed by the photographer and in his ability to capture the moment while the bride and groom and guests enjoy the party.

The beauty of reportage

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We want to underline the importance of a photo shoot based on spontaneity and on the characteristics of the reportage. The story of your wedding will be a succession of emotions and events that embrace your being in love. You will not notice the photographer's presence and you will not be able to hold back the tears of joy when you have the shots of your wedding album in your hands. During all the activities of the wedding try not to think about the photographs but be happy to experience that moment. If you choose a good photographer, he will be the one to enhance and capture those moments of happiness.

The review of the shots

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A key point that you and your sweetheart absolutely must not overlook is the choice of photographs. In an age where the shots are digital and there are no economic consequences in having to buy photographic films or papers, you have the right to be able to view the photographs taken before inserting them in the wedding album. Many couples make the mistake of blindly relying on the selection of photographs, leaving the printing of the shots to the professional. Although you may think it is a lack of trust, in reality the collaboration between the couple's needs and the photographer can make the difference to obtain an exceptional result. Don't be afraid to ask to view the photos, it's your love album and you deserve all the attention in the world.

Let's not forget the guests

You know when after years you browse family photos, and you don't know why someone is always missing? This is a mistake you must not make, take care that guests are always in the photographs and that the wedding album, at least once, focuses on each guest. Surely a distant relative will be of lesser value than a sibling or a parent, but it is essential to be able to create a musical album where everyone feels part of one of the most important days of your life. We advise you to alternate group photos with single ones to have a wider choice and to be able to manage them in the best way according to the sections chosen in the album.

Handcrafted wedding albums

Many photographers exhibit tons of wedding albums in their photography studio, although you may think they are only there to advertise his work, they actually represent much more. Even the quality of the materials of a wedding album can make a difference if you want to better preserve your memories over time. In the infinite choice of traditional albums, with a square shape and a paper coating, you can opt for a handcrafted wedding album, certainly more suggestive and fascinating. An album of this type allows you not only to have a handmade product and consequently of a higher value, but also to take advantage of an almost total customization. You will be able to choose the materials, the colors, the shape and divide the internal sections of the album in the way that you consider most intelligent. By collaborating with your photographer, you can choose the perfect album for your wedding style and give that extra touch that in many cases can make the difference.


By following the key points that we have suggested in the previous lines, you can create a perfect wedding album for your needs. We often forget how the photo shoot is one of the most important components among the many activities organized for the wedding, we advise you never to neglect this aspect if you want a lasting memory on which to shed tears of joy whenever you feel like it. In this flurry of advice, always compare yourself with your partner, once you have decided the right strategy, talk to the photographer so that you have no doubts about the final result.

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