What made the atmosphere even more suggestive was the particular period in which they decided to organize the wedding, the month of December, right next to the Christmas celebrations. And it is well known that the magic of this period makes everything more incredible. And so it was also for the wedding of this wonderful couple.


The wedding of Arianna and Alessandro was incredibly suggestive not only for the period in which they decided to celebrate the ceremony, but also for the wonderful location that hosted the religious rite, the Church of San Luigi Gonzaga. It is one of the biggest and brightest churches in Ostuni Città Bianca and, for the occasion, the couple decided to adorn it with wonderful white flowers, interspersed with the inevitable Christmas Stars, all along the central corridor.

Once we had celebrated the ceremony and left the church, we decided to take the photo shoot in the open air, among the characteristic alleys of the historical centre of Ostuni, and then also in the heart of the small town of Alberobello, known all over the world for its very particular Trulli. And here, a little by chance and a little because we searched for it, a real magic happened. The soft colours of the pearl grey sky, just veiled by a light drizzle, combined perfectly with the white of the bride's dress, the white colour of the alleys of the old town centre of the Ostuni Città Bianca and the blue of the eyes in love of the couple. It was an idyll. A perfect combination of architecture, beauty and charm. And we were lucky enough to immortalise all this in the shots of the couple's wedding.

The event ended with beautiful celebrations in the location of Parco La Serra, in the Castellana Grotte area, in a wonderful Christmas atmosphere. Hundreds of small lights illuminated the spaces of the structure, enhanced by the presence of large fir trees adorned with white and gold, to create that unique and incredible atmosphere that only Christmas can give. And so, with a party within a party, Arianna and Alexander crowned their dream of love in the beautiful Ostuni.