They were a real revelation to me. Accomplices of such beauty were also the typical centuries-old olive trees, which served as a backdrop, in a magical setting to say the least.

matrimonio masseria san michele

The Wedding Reportage of Claudia and Alexis

There are ways and ways to describe a wedding, especially if we are talking about a wedding at Masseria San Michele. The beautiful Masseria San Michele dates back to the 18th century and fully expresses an atmosphere of tranquility, simplicity and ancient traditions.It is located in the Valle d'Itria, in the city of Martina Franca, in a beautiful countryside, and has been expertly renovated in a rural chic style. The proud spirit, the love for the territory of this ancient country house is today one of the most sought-after destinations by foreign couples.

matrimonio masseria san michele

Choosing a photographer is therefore fundamental, in order to build the memory of a once-in-a-lifetime and, certainly, unforgettable day. Focusing on a wedding reportage to document your wedding is in itself an option that goes beyond the classic, a choice that says a lot about the bride and groom and the way they dream of experiencing the big day.

matrimonio masseria san michele

After this premise, I'll tell you about the exciting civil ceremony at Masseria San Michele, with an exclusive selection of images that speak for themselves, the result of careful observation of those who are the main protagonists of the day, without them being inhibited by the 'objective.

Two young and eagerly in love who decide to embark on a wonderful journey together… Claudia and Alexis opted for a wedding in Puglia, which had the authentic flavor of a party almost from other times, with clear attention and attention to detail: from the unusual bouquet, to the choice of the tableau de mariage, up to the preparation of the table in a parenthesis, on the lawn, to have loved ones by their side.

matrimonio masseria san michele

Making a wedding reportage means condensing the emotions and palpable emotion of a special day into shots, taking the eye away from the lens with only one purpose: to observe people and capture every nuance.

The party

The dinner, the party and the cutting of the cake had the typical natural context of Puglia as a backdrop. The dances and the Salento pizzica were the perfect end to a wonderful day.

matrimonio masseria san michele

And now... Enjoy

Location: Masseria San Michele (Martina Franca)

Wedding Planer: Giulia Molinari