They fulfilled a dream born several years earlier, with the very young protagonists, who gradually became more aware of the importance of a feeling that saw them plan their future together. A wonderful tale, made of simplicity, but also of ambition and will, with a single common denominator for both: love and refinement.

matrimonio masseria traetta

The meeting, which took place in 2012 at a party, triggered the spark for Dario, who was immediately struck by the beauty and sunny character of Anna Lory. Thanks to the social media, a few days later, she had looked for her and contacted her again, starting that romantic courtship that was the leitmotif of the whole engagement, up to the particular marriage proposal, so sweet and embarrassed ...

Masseria Traetta Ostuni

It certainly cannot be said that Dario did not have the initiative, even if his speech nicely fragmented on dozens of post-its should have been the crowning of a full-blown statement, and instead, for a strange twist of fate, he had transformed in a fast, how tender, "now or never"! But, after all, what is more unpredictable than fate, especially for two lovers?

fotografo matrimoni Ostuni


Immersed in particularly significant moments, alternating with the natural course of the evening, Dario and Anna Lory have identified in this extraordinary location, the magic of an environment with a historical and important charm, perfect for their most beautiful day, which will remain in the memory of the undoubtedly invited to them for their exclusive elegance and attention to detail. By opting for the setting in the courtyard, thanks to the suggestion of this privileged setting enjoyed by the Masseria, the wedding party took place in an elegant and very refined concept, in which all the guests and mainly the two protagonists found themselves at ease, in a mix of emotion, happiness, emotion and joy.

Masseria Traetta Ostuni

Great prominence was given to the details related to the lighting and the play of lights that were created inside the courtyard. The favors by Nuzzo Virgy and the many candles scattered everywhere are also beautiful, thanks to a widespread pastel color effect that has made the setting even more fairy-tale. Among the strong points, undoubtedly remarkable, are the decorations of the mise en place, with perfect tables in the right balance of refined and elegant style, embellished with cascades of soft and fragrant flowers. The guestbook corner is nice, where the newlyweds invited guests to leave them a thought, inserting it in a bottle that will remain a memory to be re-read over the years, and the particularly suggestive marriage tableau.

Masseria Traetta Ostuni

Almost surreal, so beautiful, the settings of the imperial table, to illuminate the mood of Dario and Anna Lory, radiant with happiness, very elegant thanks to the clothes they had carefully chosen, romantic outfits, certainly adequate for the occasion, but also particularly sober, without excess, as befits true elegance. A black Diamond Couture, like the shoes, for Dario, while Anna Lory enhanced her Mediterranean beauty with a splendid low-cut lace dress by traditionally white Idea Sposa, and Albano footwear. Sweet and very romantic the bouquet of Les Fleurs de Joseph, in which enchanting white and pink peonies stood out.

And now .... enjoy!

Religious Rite: Co-cathedral of Santa Maria Assunta in Cielo

Reception (dinner): Masseria Traetta -Ostuni-