A starting point from which a sober, distinguished and refined scenography was highlighted, which has in the bride its maximum expression: dress with worked bodice and American neckline, an important and very refined bouquet in which all the perfumes have been enclosed of our beloved Puglia.

fotografi matrimoni bari

Giuseppe was waiting for Rita in the splendid church of Santi Medici Bari, in the heart of Bari, where the religious ceremony was held in the presence of friends and relatives who couldn't wait to share the joy of that day. Wedding details Giuseppe and Rita If you are used to the image of the bridegroom agitated and moved on the altar, this is not the situation. Not because Giuseppe wasn't excited, on the contrary, but the more correct term to describe him seems to us "anxious": he couldn't wait to meet Rita's gaze, to hold out his hand and kiss her on the forehead, welcoming her with a reassuring smile and a complicit wink, waiting to pronounce his "yes, I do".

fotografi matrimoni bari

After the ceremony, the couple headed to Masseria Montalbano in Ostuni, in the heart of Salento on the border between the provinces of Brindisi, Bari and Taranto, ready to kick off the dances and celebrations, in which there was no shortage of twists. , just like we were in a movie.

fotografi matrimoni bari

What happens when two Pugliesi (Bari) celebrate their wedding in one of the most beautiful structures in Puglia (Masseria Montalbano)? In addition to crazy and overwhelming love, we mean. It happens that the desire to celebrate is amplified and declined in a thousand facets, passing from toasts, smiles, grimaces, to the total involvement of friends and relatives.

Masseria Montalbano Ostuni

And that's exactly how it went: dinner slipped away quickly, almost taking a back seat, the highlight of the reception was touched on the dance floor, where the couple danced until late and Giuseppe revealed the skills of a dancer. incredible, between toasts and big celebrations. You just have to watch their beautiful love story

And now…. Good mink!

Religious Rite: Santi Medici Church Bari

Reception (dinner): Masseria Montalbano -Ostuni-