As soon as they met, their desire to return to normality and to celebrate the most important day of their lives together with friends and relatives immediately became clear. And we were totally able to fulfill their wishes.

It was a very important day not only for the bride and groom; Giuseppe, a young lawyer from Ceglie and Sandra, a girl of Polish origin, but also for the whole of Puglia which has finally returned to normality and which saw her first post-Covid wedding celebrated in the church of San Rocco Ceglie in Messapica, on June, 26th.

Masseria nella Valle d'Itra, the perfect location for a special wedding

The wedding of Sandra and Giuseppe was very suggestive, not only for the period in which they celebrated it, sign of a rebirth after very sad days, but also for the wonderful location that hosted the wedding, i.e. the church of San Rocco Ceglie in Messapica. The bride and groom did not want to give up their most important day and celebrated the wedding following all the provisions included in the regional ordinance, dedicated to weddings, which provides for the use of masks and social distancing between non-cohabiting people.

After celebrating the wedding, the festivities moved to a farm in Valle d'Itra, where nature and the immense expanses of age-old olive trees formed the backdrop for this very special day. And we were the witnesses who immortalised those moments forever and made them eternal.