Vena and Nick are an English couple who have decided to crown their dream of love in the beautiful Ostuni, a white city known for its historical and natural wonders. A wedding organized in perfect Italian style, inside the Masseria Casamassima, a location immersed in the green hinterland of Puglia, among extensive fields of ancient olive trees. A unique and magical atmosphere, perfect for an event imbued with romance.


Cosmiana and I met Vena and Nick the day before the wedding, when we took the first photographs of their engagement in the streets of the beautiful old town of Ostuni, a white city known for its wonderful narrow streets full of magical places. We spent a few hours together, strolling from the city to the beaches and listening to what the two young English people had to tell us about their first meeting and their love story.

As we sometimes do, we thought we would take the opportunity to photograph the couple's engagement to get to know them better and have the chance to create a bond of trust and synergy that would allow us to be present at their wedding in Puglia in the right way. We wanted to be an integral part of this event, and not just spectators. And we wanted them to know that. For us it is very important not to be an additional presence, but a real element of the wedding. On the other hand, it is up to us one of the most important tasks: to immortalize the most beautiful and exciting moments of the bride and groom and guests, so that we can make them almost eternal.


Vena and Nick have decided to swear eternal love in the beautiful location of Masseria Casamassima, a structure in perfect shabby chic style immersed in the heart of our Puglia, between the green of the olive trees and the typical scents of the summer season.

The wedding day was absolutely perfect: a sunny day that allowed us to take a photo shoot that told the love story between the two young English newlyweds in a completely realistic way. A wedding that will remain forever in our hearts. Smiles, flowers and soft colours were the ingredients of an event that we can absolutely define as perfect.