The choice of location then fell on Tenuta Tresca, immersed in the lush nature of the area between Lecce and Santa Maria di Leuca. An estate surrounded by a wood of centuries-old trees and a splendid olive grove, which give the environment a completely magical and refined atmosphere. In a few words, just what Mariangela and Giuseppe have always sought.


The wedding day of this wonderful couple has been conceived and organised not only as a real emotional journey, but also as an incredible - and unforgettable - sensorial experience. The civil rite began right in the enchanted forest of Tenuta Tresca, among tall, majestic, centuries-old trees whose foliage was just been pierced by the faint rays of the setting sun. All around, suspended white lanterns gave light to the environment, making it at the same time incredibly romantic.

The exchange of promises took place in a setting embellished with colourful flowers, which released a recognisable scent of spring into the air. Then the ceremony slowly moved towards the centuries-old olive grove, illuminated by hundreds of small lights, where the guests were anxiously waiting to see the first dance between husband and wife. The married couple thus began the celebrations, which lasted until late at night, with toasts, games and folk dances.

Beyond the beauty of the event, which was held in one of the most beautiful locations in this corner of Puglia, Cosmiana and I jealously preserve the feeling of having done a more than satisfactory job, both for the bride and groom and for us. We took the wedding photos not only with energetic professionalism, but also with great enthusiasm and passion. I believe that all this has been possible thanks above all to the complicity, trust and understanding that we have established with Mariangela and Giuseppe since our first meeting. It was this very special and unique relationship that allowed us to highlight our photographic fantasy and reportage inspiration to a greater extent. I therefore feel I can say that we are really proud and satisfied with how this wonderful day has gone with one of the most beautiful couples we have met so far.