When we then start to talk about the event we catapult ourselves into the "surprises" mood (and here we have seen so many), witnessing episodes from the most authentic and original but also to the most usual and sometimes a little obvious. Today we will tell you the story of a gay civil union whose emotions unexpectedly reached our hearts due to the delicacy of expressions, looks, smiles and many tears of joy that Fabio and Danilo made our souls vibrate without our knowledge, capturing them in our objectives because nothing was taken for granted or prepared.

gay wedding

Harmony, refinement and simplicity of a gay wedding in Puglia

When we happen to live or at least talk about gay marriage, and especially in Italy, the hands of our clocks seem to stop time, a time crossed by a sigh that our mind holds us back and which takes us into an often new world , sometimes unknown and which we believe we fully know.

Before this long-awaited event we happened to live with the spouses from the very first moments we interacted with, a crazy harmony made up of an unexpected sensation never felt before with the entire work team to which this couple of men led us thanks to their disarming simplicity and transparency, breaking down all distance.

They are Fabio and Danilo, both engaged in diametrically opposed professions in life but who, thanks to their shared passions, made us participants in their experience thanks to their simplicity and sobriety which distinguished them on the most beautiful day of their lives. Our meeting was born like this: we receive a phone call in the studio and they tell us "we are about to confirm the location for our civil union, we would like you to take our yes, what do you say... let's agree the date together to make it coincide with the location”?

gay wedding

Our wedding destination for a gay wedding in Puglia

We won't deny that this approach gave us feedback with a massive dose of artistic adrenaline. This is because in the meantime the choice of location confirmed by Fabio and Danilo fell on one of the most magical places in Salento, a destination chosen for taste, refinement and style. We are talking about Tenuta Tresca di Botrugno in the province of Lecce, a popular destination for many couples for the celebration of civil unions. The choice of location, never questioned by the couple, personified their attachment to Puglia but above all perfectly matched the approval rating of their guests who came from the provinces of Brindisi and Taranto, delighting the palate and sight of many guests who came from the north Italy but also from abroad.

The couple, well known both for their charisma and for being in continuous contact with a vast public due to their professions with a high communicative potential, immediately required simplicity, sobriety, refinement and above all expressive authenticity that our machines photographs have captured and exalted thanks to the choice of their details in perfect harmony with their charisma and undoubted good taste.

gay wedding

Feelings and common threads between spouses and guests during the celebration of a gay civil ceremony

Their entry into the so-called "enchanted forest" aboard a vintage car, a family memory, escorted by their dog Grace and two bridesmaids, met not only the gaze of their guests but also captured theirs. Heart. The spouses deliberately decided to remain for the entire time of the ceremony exactly in front of their guests, never with their backs turned. A synergy established with all the guests with whom they have long shared moments of conviviality, friendship and important stages in their lives.

gay wedding

Surprise witnesses, readings of greeting messages during the gay civil ceremony

After inviting the witnesses by surprise, creating intense and unexpected emotions in the chosen ones, the celebrant, a childhood friend of one of the two spouses, attended the very exciting and ironic promises of the couple, giving them the reading of special wishes and thoughts reserved for the couple by the guests present who, between laughter and as many tears of joy, simply explained the life of two men in their charisma and "savoir-faire", making us forget for once a label that is sometimes uncomfortable and often has polemical connotations, giving back not only to Fabio and Danilo but to everyone present moments of great emotion and sharing of a journey that was not at all easy but not impossible.

gay wedding

Fun, taranta night and sober and glamorous fashion branded made in Puglia in a gay wedding

The fun dances began with the entry of two well-known pizzica dancers, already present for several editions in the famous "La Notte della Taranta" of Melpignano, brought to the dance floor an unusual duet composed of man-man, unlike what we are used to see (man-woman duet), perfect setting for this civil union. The good food, the magical lights, the colorful and refined decorations created for the occasion made the difference.

gay wedding

The jewel in the crown is the change of clothes in a sartorial creation, also conceived and desired by Fabio and Danilo, fashion enthusiasts who wore with glamor and naturalness an exclusively artisanal product "made in Puglia" between amazement and appreciation of the guests who continue to tell stories to this day.

gay wedding

Today, thanks to our shots, we will ensure that this whirlwind of emotions, memories and details characterized by elegance and refinement can live for a long time in the minds not only of Fabio and Danilo but in our hearts and of all those who shared this magical day with its typical features. of a “destination wedding in Puglia”.

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