It was a truly magical experience, without guests, just the two of them, immersed in the beauty of the village and the Apulian atmosphere. Donna and Dricks have always dreamed of  a special wedding and when they discovered Borgo Egnazia, they knew it was the perfect place for their Italian dream.

Borgo Egnazia wedding

Promises of Love in Borgo Egnazia

The big day has arrived and Donna and Dricks exchanged their vows of love under a blue sky, surrounded by the history and beauty of Borgo Egnazia. Their loving looks made the moment even more special.

matrimonio borgo egnazia

A Fairytale Scenery for Photos

With us photographers in tow, we captured every moment of this unforgettable day. The cobbled streets, stone walls and romantic views of the village created a perfect backdrop for a breathtaking photo session. Every smile, every hug and every look of love have become precious memories immortalized in photos.

matrimonio borgo egnazia

An Intimate Dinner with a View of the Itria Valley

After the photos, Donna and Dricks decided to enjoy an intimate dinner on the terrace of Borgo Egnazia. The view was simply breathtaking, with the Itria valley stretching out in front of them, illuminated by the golden light of the sunset. They savored Apulian cuisine, sipped good wine and celebrated their love under the stars.

matrimonio borgo egnazia

Borgo Egnazia: The Refuge for Luxury Weddings

Borgo Egnazia, with its unique style and timeless charm, has over time become an icon of luxury weddings in Puglia and throughout the world. Its mix of tradition and modernity, combined with the beauty of the surrounding region, makes it the ideal place for those looking for an unforgettable wedding.

And so, Donna and Dricks began their journey together in one of the most fascinating places in Italy, creating memories that will last a lifetime. Borgo Egnazia made their wedding intimate and extraordinary and helped consolidate its reputation as the perfect location for luxury weddings in Puglia and around the world.

Borgo Egnazia wedding

The magic of Borgo Egnazia

Borgo Egnazia, with its centuries-old stone walls and suggestive cobbled streets, enchants its guests with an atmosphere of authentic Apulian beauty. The tastefully decorated Mediterranean-style houses blend harmoniously with the surrounding landscape, creating a truly unique experience.


Donna and Dricks' story took us on a journey through an intimate and unforgettable wedding in Borgo Egnazia, in beautiful Puglia. This magical place provided the perfect backdrop for the beginning of their journey together, with promises of eternal love exchanged under the Apulian sun and a breathtaking photo session within the ancient walls.

Borgo Egnazia, with its unique combination of tradition and modernity and spectacular views of the Itria Valley, has once again proven to be the ideal setting for luxury weddings. The extraordinary dining experience and enchanting atmosphere of this place made Donna and Dricks' day truly special.

Borgo Egnazia wedding

This story is also a tribute to Borgo Egnazia, which continues to be one of the Apulian and global icons for luxury weddings. It is a place that will remain in the hearts of anyone who visits it, a witness to the promises and celebrations of love. And so, with the perfect start to their wedding in Borgo Egnazia, Donna and Dricks began their new life together with joy and love, leaving behind indelible memories in this beautiful Italian setting.

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