Claudio and Vanessa met during a summer holiday in Puglia. She was sitting on a white sand beach, she was wearing a light dress and a straw hat, while he watched her from a distance in admiration. Claudio was a shy but determined man and, after a while, he worked up the courage to approach her.

He started talking to Vanessa and, slowly, they realized they had a lot in common. Both loved music, cinema and good food. They exchanged phone numbers and continued to see each other for the rest of the vacation.

After the end of the holiday, Claudio and Vanessa broke up with the promise to continue to feel. And so it was. They started dating, talking on the phone and texting each other every day. Despite the distance, their relationship has grown from strength to strength.

After a few months, Claudio decided to surprise Vanessa and invited her to spend a weekend in Puglia. It was a special weekend, in which he had organized a romantic candlelit dinner in a restaurant overlooking the sea. That evening, Claudio asked Vanessa to become her girlfriend and she happily accepted.

From that moment on, Claudio and Vanessa continued to meet more and more and, after a few years, they decided to get married in Puglia which had seen their love born. Their love story is an example of how, sometimes, love can be born unexpectedly, on a white sand beach during a summer vacation.

masseria montalbano

The celebration

The celebration of the marriage of Claudio and Vanessa in the Mother Parish Church of Santa Maria della Colonna and San Nicola di Bari represented for them the crowning of a dream. Both had been fascinated by the beauty and history of Puglia during their first holiday together, and had decided to get married in that very place which had represented the beginning of their love story.

Vanessa had carefully chosen her dress, opting for a shabby chic style that made her look like a princess out of a fairy tale. Her dress, combined with a bouquet of white flowers and a light veil, had given the bride a romantic and timeless elegance, in perfect balance with the atmosphere of Puglia.

masseria montalbano

The reception at Masseria Montalbano

After the ceremony, the reception was held in the beautiful Masseria Montalbano in Ostuni, an enchanting place surrounded by fields of centuries-old olive trees. Here, the guests had been able to taste the typical dishes of the Apulian cuisine and dance until late at night.

The party had been organized with great attention to detail, creating a magical and engaging atmosphere. The friends and relatives of the bride and groom were happy for them, and had attended the event with great enthusiasm.

Claudio and Vanessa had looked into each other's eyes several times during the evening, with the knowledge that they were destined to be together forever. Their wedding in Puglia had been the culmination of a love story born in that enchanted place, and it would remain forever one of the most beautiful moments of their lives. Years later, Claudio and Vanessa are still happily married, and they continue to fondly remember their marriage in Puglia, a place that marked the beginning of their story together.

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