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Giuseppe and Filomena are definitely an unusual couple: it takes a lot of courage and a little madness to choose the Italian Alps for a photo shoot!

Lake Braies and the whole chain of the Dolomites are definitely one of my favorite places to photograph a wedding in Italy. Located in Val Pusteria and surrounded by magnificent mountains and woods, it has become one of the most popular destinations in the world.

Destination wedding photographer lago di braies

Every year, hundreds of people from all over the world venture to the Dolomites to visit this natural spectacle. If you love breathtaking landscapes and mountains, this place is perfect for you. Even for the less adventurous it is really very easy to reach, you can even get there directly by car.


fotografo matrimonio dolomiti

My favorite season to take photos of Lake Braies is definitely autumn. The trees around the lake turn orange and yellow and if you are lucky, the tops of the mountains are covered in snow. The crystal clear water reflects these wonderful colors and the show is even more impressive. 

Giuseppe and Filomena came from Rovereto (TN), in autumn, to celebrate their love (in the gallery you will find some examples of the beautiful colors I'm talking about).

Spring and summer are also perfect, the climate is decidedly milder and allows you to enjoy the day to the fullest. The only sore point are the periods with the greatest influx of tourists.

fotografo matrimonio Trentino

Winter is definitely very suggestive, I love the snow! But in the purely winter period, there is the risk of photographing it completely covered in snow.

Giuseppe and Filomena  are definitely an unconventional couple, because it is certainly not for everyone to choose a location where it is close to zero degrees as the setting for a wedding service.

fotografo matrimonio in italia

And we couldn't ask for anything better from our spouses! We couldn't wait to do a photo shoot in a natural location, so suggestive and out of the ordinary.

During the portrait session we were thrilled. The autumn colors of the forest were reflected in the turquoise waters of the lake and the clouds gave the sky a magical and suggestive atmosphere.

miglior fotografo in italia

Our boys were wonderful and didn't hesitate for a single moment to be photographed even on the rocks along the lake and walk on the paths for more than a couple of hours in formal wear.

For a wedding photographer, there is no more exciting situation than such a magical place and a couple who enthusiastically indulge all your ideas.

And now... Enjoy