It has often happened that I was asked, what, in my opinion, were the essential ingredients for a perfect wedding photo shoot..

matrimonio a masseria ayroldi

The answers that came to my mind were so many: a breathtaking landscape, a couple in love who is not only aesthetically beautiful but who trusts and loves your work, of the curated preparations, a warm and enveloping light and last, but not least, of the participating guests.

rito civile a masseria ayroldi

It is incredible how in this wedding in the beautiful Masseria Ayroldi, none of these elements are missing! in fact, the combination of all these elements helped me to create a photo shoot where beauty and emotion can really be perceived in almost every shot.

matrimonio a masseria ayroldi

With Vivian and Werner, I empathized right away. A couple of young, easy-going, nice and really beautiful guys.

I love intimate weddings with a limited number of guests, because not only do they allow me to fully tell the connections between those present, but towards the end I can almost feel part of the party and sometimes I'm really sorry to leave.

masseria ayroldi ostuni

This is exactly what happened in this wedding in the beautiful fortified Masseria Ayroldi!!

Speaking of the location, although I live in Puglia, it was the first time I worked here and I was really fascinated by the warm atmosphere and the expanses of olive trees that make every sunset truly special.

masseria ayroldi ostuni

In the Masseria Ayroldi you can breathe the heart of Puglia, located in the Valle d'Itria more precisely in the beautiful White city (Ostuni). A historic farmhouse, handed down for generations and redeveloped to accommodate intimate weddings able to savor the scents of our wonderful land, (Puglia).

The party continued with exciting speeches from the friends and closest relatives of the couple and afterwards, all together, they went wild with cocktails and dances.

matrimonio intimo a masseria ayroldi

I would like to thank this fantastic English couple for choosing me as their wedding photographer at Masseria Ayroldi..

And now…. Enjoy

Location: Masseria Ayroldi
Wedding Planner: Giusy D'Ambrosio