You may think that a wedding reportage is worth the other for us, that our work is focused on shooting and telling the moment, of the day, of the leading couple, but each time it is a discovery, a world unto itself. Sensitivity, different personalities, cultures that mix and meet in a party event, predisposition to pose, shyness. Each couple is a wonderful journey, a daily discovery, teachings and emotions.

Yeliz & Simon's wedding reportage at Tenuta Tresca (Botrugno)

Rito civile a Tenuta trescaTenuta Tresca, is one of the most popular locations for spouses, not just locals. One of those places where every detail is never left to chance and which, if necessary, is a suggestive background for couples who choose a civil ceremony rather than a religious one, as for Yeliz and Simon who pronounced the fateful yes in front of friends and relatives, excited, on a very hot day at the end of September.

Rito simbolico a Tenuta TrescaIThe ritual is a succession of smiles, speeches, the children who accompany them walk stumbling so they are small, the bridesmaids, however small, are more and more self-confident, you know, they whisper secrets in the ear, between a glance at the bride and to her princess dress and one to the flowers that decorate Tenuta Tresca..

After the yes, the couple allowed themselves to their reportage always immersed in the beautiful Tenuta Tresca. An immense sun to set on the day and grant us the perfect light to immortalize joy, but also love and prolonged kisses.

matrimonio a Tenuta TrescaThe celebrations always took place inside Tenuta Tresca, among lights, noise, laughter and music, to act as an irreplaceable companion to all the most precious moments like this.

And now…. Enjoy

Civil ceremony at Tenuta Tresca