I didn't choose Puglia, it is Puglia that chose me. I simply chose to "observe it" and enhance it, which is why the gaze, which tries to capture natural paintings as the background of unforgettable photographs, has always been filled with emotion for all that this land is able to give me. Puglia is everywhere in my shots and the newlyweds, who travel thousands of kilometers to experience the thrill of an Apulian wedding, find it in their memories and moments enclosed in an image. We will tell you in detail.

The marriage of Giovanni and Agnieska

Matrimonio al Realis Histo Taranto A day with a well-defined style, full of emotions, already started during the bride's preparations, which has always been the one most animated by fervor and trepidation. Agnieska, splendid in her precious and very refined dress, intent on completing the preparations under the watchful eye of her loved ones and friends, who followed her up to the fateful Yes. Giovanni, on the other side, waiting for her in the beautiful location chosen to officiate the rite, set up with extreme care in every detail.

Matrimonio al Realis Histo Taranto The rite and the party After the civil ceremony in the suggestive scenery of the Relais Histo in Taranto on the small sea, the spouses continued the celebrations in this splendid location that they chose to celebrate next to friends and relatives with whom they participated with emotion and great joy .

Matrimonio al Realis Histo Taranto

Among the most particular things, the meeting of the two cultures, the Italian and the Polish, both lovers of marriage understood as a very important event in life, which enriched the reception with truly noteworthy anecdotes and insights.

You just have to watch their beautiful love story

And now ... Enjoy!

Civil ceremony and reception: Realis Histo Taranto