Mino and Alessia celebrated their apulian wedding even though they live in Bologna, because Puglia can give you a magical atmosphere, a dream that comes true.

fotografi brindisi

The couple is actually from Brindisi. Brindisi is an apulian coastal city near the Adriatic sea. The Castello Alfonsino in red stone, is located on a small isle near the harbour. The huge Monumento Marinaio italiano, a statue ship helm shaped, creates a suggestive atmosphere. On the other side of the harbour, there’s the magnificent Castello Svevo, a castle built around the 13th century. On the top of the Scalinata Virgiliana there are beautiful and ancient Roman Columns..

fotografi matrimoni ostuni

Their wedding took place in Brindisi, in the marvelous chiesa Cuore Immacolato di Maria”, where we felt the emotions emanating from the *couple.

From Brindisi to Mesagne*to live the *wedding of their dreams

We took amazing photos surrounded by nature, with the amazing light of the sunset, only our Puglia can give us such a suggestive landscape!

fotografi matrimoni bari

Puglia always offers unique landscapes: historical churches, beautiful secular olive trees in the countryside, they are the perfect background to capture all the love and joy of a couple with their relatives and friends.

After the celebration, their wedding party took place in Tenuta Moreno.

Tenuta Moreno, a place to find contact with nature. Beautiful locations, soft and suggestive colours are always stylish and elegant. Brindisi is near Taranto and Lecce, and also nearby Bari. Tenuta Moreno is the ideal place to discover the wonders of Puglia. .

tenuta moreno

It was a beautiful day, I wanted to share with you my emotions like I always do in my “real Weddings”.

You must enjoy your special day, because every photo must capture your true beauty. .

Look at Mino and Alessia’s wedding day. And now... enjoy!