Federica and Matteo asked me to create a photo reportage that could represent their personalities and tell spontaneously their special day. Federica is fond of photography, she is sweet, beautiful and pays attention to details. Matteo is kind, funny but also very shy: their love is represented by these photos. The wedding planner from Rome @eleonorapanetta_events arranged the wedding.

fotografi matrimoni pugliaThe ceremony took place in the amazing Cathedral of Erchie. “In the main square of Erchie are three churches: the Cathedral, the famous Sain Lucia’s Sanctuary and the little Saint Nicola’s Chapel. They are both important and ancient. “ A wedding reception in the wonderful Tresca manor in Botrugno ( Lecce )”.

fotografi matrimoni bariThe countryside that surrounds Tresca manor, is an amazing place where you can enjoy your wedding. Manor Tresca in unique because its bond with nature, that gives the place a gracious and quiet atmosphere ( the location won the prize “ italian hospitality 2015” ). It was a wonderful wedding with a stunning couple: their spontaneity, surrounded by nature, gave us the possibility to create a beautiful love story that will remain in their hearts for the rest of their lives.

And now... enjoy!

fotografi matrimoni ostuni