Wedding in spring: Because it's the perfect season

wedding in spring

Today we analyze in detail the reasons why more and more couples love to have their wedding in spring.

The sheer volume of tasks involved in planning a wedding may lead you to impulsively plan some of them. Maybe you're still undecided about the date and the outfit to wear during the breaks for your wedding and anxiety seems to rise for no reason. Breathe and let's try to face everything intelligently, it's one of the most important days of your life, but you also have to know how to control your emotions.

The dress of your dreams

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One of the reasons that drives more and more couples to get married in spring is the possibility of wearing the dress of their dreams. Although there are wonderful winter dresses, the spring ones certainly recall more significant colors and suggestions.

The climate, usually temperate and sunny, allows you to show off a princely dress, rich not only in soft colors such as pastels, but also in accessories that enhance your beauty and that of the flowers. In fact, many brides love to enrich their dress with floral compositions, designed to enhance its nuances and character.

Your outfit doesn't necessarily have to be lavish, you can afford a wedding dress with a low neckline or with bare shoulders. You won't feel the need to cover up since the climate will help you better deal with this problem, but in the case always bring a shawl with you for the hours closest to the cutting of the evening cake.

Enhance the setting

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Spring goes perfectly with the total white dress, but brings with it many shades that you can indulge yourself with. In addition to the wedding dress and the groom's dress, you can set up the location and itinerary for the photo shoot, with the brightest colors of spring. You will be able to choose a specific color and recreate a unique atmosphere with that shade, from flowers to accessories, through place cards to games for the little ones.

It is no coincidence that couples decide to get married in spring, the color palette is almost infinite and is ideal for couples who want to show off their personality.

The power of flowers

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Spring is the perfect season for your wedding as you can choose from hundreds of different types of flowers. This season is characterized by the flowering of many species and it will not be difficult to find the one you love the most.

Among the most popular flowers of recent years there is certainly the peony, but roses and hydrangeas can also guarantee you an unforgettable choreography. In America, couples who decide to get married in spring particularly love tulips, but we advise you to combine them with the colors of the location to get the best possible result.

Surely the most beautiful flowers will be you and your partner, but guests will pay close attention to the colors and floral composition. We advise you to consult an expert florist and inform him about the reference location, in this way you can choose the right flowers even to face the most unpredictable climate.

The perfect honeymoon

A spring wedding allows you to choose an unforgettable honeymoon, as it fits perfectly between the heat that is about to arrive and the excessive costs of the summer season. If your desire is to get a quality and at the same time not too expensive honeymoon, then spring is the season that guarantees you the absolute best value for money. In winter you would certainly save more, but you would have to go to the other side of the world for a temperate climate, in spring instead you can decide to go wherever you want, finding certainly not unfavorable weather conditions.

You will know very well how difficult it is to find a free place in the summer, a honeymoon in spring will free you from all those negative thoughts related to the hotel or the excessive presence of people in the place reached. If you love traveling and the colors of spring, then a wedding this season is almost a must.

The long days

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The arrival of spring also brings with it longer days. Unlike a winter or a summer wedding, you will be able to benefit from a day that is not too long nor too short, managing your wedding activities in the best possible way.

Guests usually wander around the location, giving them a few hours of extra sun can be beneficial to make them feel at ease. Unlike in summer though, you can also keep them all close to you as the days begin to shorten in the late afternoon. A perfect balance that will make you the protagonist of the day, but that will leave guests all the space they want to enjoy the party.


A spring wedding is the ideal solution if you love soft colors and the beauty of flowers. The birth of a new life path with your partner can start from a season full of hope and joy like spring. Don't forget to choose the perfect colors and make-up, in this way you will not only enhance this wonderful time of the year, but above all your beauty and happiness for the fateful yes.

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