Winter wedding: why not?

winter wedding

You may have imagined for years the wedding location immersed in a unique atmosphere, where the beauty of the couple joins such an exciting event, but what are the reasons that push the betrothed to choose a winter wedding?

In recent years more and more couples have decided to get married in winter, a season that is certainly fascinating in terms of colors and atmosphere, but which also brings with it considerable advantages for those who want to optimize the expenses and activities of the wedding itself.

The convenience of winter marriage

nozze invernali

When you choose to marry your better half in the winter season, in addition to the surprise effect that you will arouse in your guests, you will be able to take advantage of many related benefits.

The first advantage, which is absolutely not to be overlooked, is the ease of finding the location you love without too much difficulty. In summer or in spring, restaurants and wedding venues are difficult to find. You will know very well that there is a need to book 1-2 years in advance, and often the desire to wait so long is lost, moving on to a different place.

A winter wedding allows you to book without too much anxiety even a few months in advance, leaving you free from constraints often linked to other people already on the list before you.

Another great benefit lies in the cost of the honeymoon, as you can imagine booking your honeymoon in cold periods has a significant impact on the final cost. If you want a unique honeymoon, with a certainly more accessible cost, you will find a winter wedding an excellent solution to achieve this goal.

From the simplicity of finding the ideal location, to planning the trip of your dreams, you can also combine some wonderful winter clothes. Accessories, whether they are applied to your dress or to that of your partner, can make the difference for unforgettable shots. The most beautiful wedding dresses in the world are precisely the winter ones, full of charm and elegance, which will protect you even from the bitterest cold.

Another often underestimated benefit is the possibility of being able to invite relatives who are often busy with other wedding commitments. Not everyone decides to get married in winter and you can invite as many guests as you want without running into unpleasant "I would like, but I can't".

The charm of winter colors

organizzare un matrimonio invernale

If summer weddings are characterized by pastel colors, winter weddings are definitely more eclectic and aimed at elegance. You will be able to express all the couple's imagination by setting up the location and the places where you will take the wedding photographs, with candles and arrangements aimed at enhancing the colors of this season.

Many couples also like to rely on more traditional cold colors, such as white, blue and silver which recall the nuances of winter frost. We advise you to evaluate well, in addition to the colors to be used, also the arrangement of the same in the rooms in which you will have to welcome the guests.

Winter weddings are particularly popular for their ability to envelop family and friends in a family atmosphere. The reference to the beauty of the fireplaces, of the family warmth must be a present component to guarantee you the best condition to match all the parts of the wedding.

The importance of food in a winter wedding

sposarsi nel periodo invernale

One of the most beautiful themes, which make people fall in love with winter weddings, concerns the food during the event. As it is easy to imagine, cold and light dishes do not recall the winter climate and it is better to opt for a more substantial solution such as soups, velvety and hot dishes.

Among the first courses that cannot be missing in a winter wedding is risotto, be it with mushrooms or with a special recipe, it is the ideal solution to satisfy everyone and satiate even those who are not inclined to pasta.

As for the second courses, you can indulge yourself with stews, braised meats, game, roasts and game, trying to balance the flavors in order to satisfy young and old.

Surely seasonal side dishes and fried foods cannot be missing, the perfect accompaniment to warm up even the most summer-inclined guests. Don't forget the toasted bread, this food is essential to reconcile the second course, serving it with butter as per the French tradition can give you a lot of satisfaction.

In addition to the first courses and the second course, one of the most important aspects is the setting up of a dessert buffet. In a winter wedding with bows, hot chocolate and cream-rich desserts cannot be missing. To complete the work, don't forget the red wines, the sweet wines and the traditional sweet sparkling wine.


Choosing a winter wedding is not as rare as one might think, many couples all over the world choose to get married in the middle of winter to benefit from lower catering costs, an evocative honeymoon and a unique atmosphere that only cold seasons can guarantee. A perfect frame to take magnificent photographs for your wedding album.

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