Symbolic wedding rites: How to add a touch of romance to your wedding

Symbolic wedding ritual

After months, if not years, you and your significant other have finally decided to get married. Emotions increase every day and collide with the many activities that have to be organized so that everything is perfect. Can the symbolic rite really make a difference?

Among the choice of the restaurant, the photographer and the accessories for your dress, you may forget the details, especially those closest to the suggestion and the cabala. Among these are the civil rites, real good luck charms that will allow you to start your new journey in the best possible way, let's see the essential ones.

The suggestion of the handfasting ritual

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If you and your partner are fans of TV series, especially Game of Thrones, you will most likely have already understood what the handfasting ritual is and how it takes place.

In case you have never seen the scenes of the well-known TV series, it should be emphasized that this ritual is taken from the Irish tradition and is still extremely loved by couples from all over the world.

The ritual consists in tying the hands of the spouses using a ribbon, symbolizing the union between the two. Prince William and Kate Middleton have also used this ritual, testimony to how current and exciting it is.

To personalize the ritual you can ask your family to help you wrap the ribbon, tradition has it that you can add up to 13 with different colors. Don't forget a few small pendants and a box where you can store everything.

The suggestion of the candle ritual

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Another ritual with a strong emotional impact is the Rite of Light, also known as the Candle Rite. To apply it in the best way, you and your partner should each hold a small lit candle and approach another larger candle, lighting it.

As you can imagine the symbolism is evident, the small candles represent the two spouses who decide to meet to form an even stronger light.

You can personalize the ritual in different ways, even if the most romantic couples try to make as few changes as possible. Your song playing in the background as you walk towards the candle can be a good way to create atmosphere, even more if you have prepared small phrases to say just before joining the two flames.

The colors of the candles can match both your outfit and wedding theme.

The beauty of the ritual of the rings

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One of the most popular rituals especially in America is that of the warmth of the rings. You'll need the wedding rings, but don't worry there's no danger in ruining them.

The ritual consists in passing the wedding rings from hand to hand to your guests, with the aim that they can transmit their warmth to the rings. Symbolically it represents the affection and blessing of loved ones, neighbors in such an important moment.

But how does it actually work? We anticipate that it is not the simplest ritual in the world, even if it may seem so. You have to insert the rings inside a small bag, or if you prefer inside a bag, from here one of your guests or the page boy will have to give the bag to the guest placed at the back of the church. There will be a handrail until you reach the bride and groom.

Guests will be able to express a silent prayer for the newlyweds and give love. As you may have noticed, the guests will not really touch the wedding rings, so no accidental damage or scratches.

The flowing of the sand

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If your desire is to symbolize eternal union, then the sand ritual could be the ideal solution.

The bride and groom will each receive a glass jar with colored sand inside. The two lovers will have to have two completely different colors, since the purpose of the ritual is to pour the two jars with the colored sand into a third larger jar at the same time.

Small jars can be decorated as you see fit, while the large one must necessarily be transparent. The symbology highlights the union of two personalities that come together in a single form, giving life to an unpredictable and suggestive path. This type of ritual is perfect for secular weddings.

The scent of flowers: the ritual of the rose

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Maybe you and your partner aren't blatant enough to set up a ritual full of colors, bags, ribbons and jars, but you prefer something less flashy. Among the ideal solutions with a strong symbolic impact is the ritual of the rose.

The ritual takes place immediately after the spouses have exchanged the rings. The lovers must give each other a red rose, while a text on fidelity and passion is read.

Many couples like to accompany this moment with romantic background music.


In addition to the rituals listed above, you can think of something original for your wedding. Each couple has a unique story and often linked to specific objects and events; you can think of transforming such symbolisms into something more.

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