September is the perfect month to get married

wedding in september

Hi everyone, today I will show you the various reasons why getting married in September can be the perfect choice.

With mild temperatures, affordable prices, and a wide variety of options for location, catering, flowers, entertainment, and more, September offers everything you need to create an unforgettable wedding for you and your guests.

matrimonio a settembre


When it comes to choosing a location for your wedding, one option to consider is a masseria, a traditional farmhouse in Southern Italy. These charming and rustic buildings offer a unique and intimate setting for your special day.

Not only do they provide a picturesque backdrop for your wedding, but they also offer a variety of amenities, such as accommodation for you and your guests, a variety of indoor and outdoor spaces for your ceremony and reception, and often a swimming pool, gardens and terraces.

One of the most appealing aspects of having your wedding at a masseria is the exclusivity of the venue. When you book a masseria for your wedding, it's yours for the entire weekend, meaning that you and your guests can enjoy the entire property and all its facilities without interruption.

This makes it the perfect setting for a destination wedding, where you can spend the whole weekend celebrating with your loved ones. Another advantage of having your wedding at a masseria is that it's an ideal location for an outdoor wedding. Many masserias have beautiful gardens and terraces, which provide the perfect setting for an al fresco ceremony or reception. Whether you're looking for a romantic, bohemian, or rustic atmosphere, a masseria can provide the perfect backdrop for your wedding.

matrimonio a settembre


When it comes to choosing a photographer for your wedding, it's important to find someone who not only takes beautiful pictures, but also understands your vision and style. A professional wedding photographer will work with you to capture all the special moments of your big day, from the intimate and emotional to the fun and candid. When choosing a wedding photographer, it's important to consider their style and portfolio. Some photographers specialize in a more traditional and posed style, while others have a more photojournalistic or candid approach. It's important to find a photographer whose style aligns with your vision for your wedding.

matrimonio a settembre


Food and drink are an important part of any wedding, and September offers a wide variety of options for catering. When choosing a caterer, it's important to consider the menu and the quality of the food, as well as the caterer's experience and reputation. It's also important to discuss any dietary requirements or food allergies with the caterer to ensure that all of your guests are well-catered for.

matrimonio a settembre


Flowers are an important element in creating the atmosphere of your wedding. September offers a wide variety of fresh flowers, including roses, peonies, sunflowers, and many others. Choose flowers that fit your color scheme and wedding theme, and that are within your budget. It's also important to discuss your specific needs with the florist, such as the bride's bouquet, ceremony flowers, and reception decor.


Entertainment is another important element in making your wedding day unforgettable. September offers a wide variety of options, including live bands, DJs, performers, and more. Choose entertainment that fits your taste and wedding theme, and that can create the right atmosphere for your guests to enjoy.

In conclusion

Organizing a wedding in September is perfect for getting married because it offers warmer temperatures, affordable prices and a wide choice of options for venue, catering, flowers, entertainment and much more. With a little planning and organization, newlyweds can create an unforgettable wedding for themselves and their guests.

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