Where to get married with a civil ceremony in Apulia

Civil rites in Puglia

Civil ceremony marriage in recent years is increasingly valued, although, for many people the religious ceremony is the fulfillment of their lifelong dream, the civil ceremony is the first step to truly feeling like a new family.

Even today, despite the undeniable changes in mentality and conditioning prevalent among many couples (involving, more than in past decades, the decision to cohabit, without formalizing the union with a document), marriage remains a highly significant ideal for a couple who love each other and decide to spend the rest of their lives together.

However, it is not always easy to choose the ideal place to perform the civil wedding ceremony, a condition that we will try to minimize in the next few lines. We will take a look at the most suitable and popular locations in Apulia.

matrimonio in puglia con rito civile

Tenuta Tresca

This location allows you to enjoy one of Apulia’s most beautiful reception halls. You will benefit from a setting where both nature and indoor spaces tie in seamlessly to ensure an unforgettable event. If you love natural and elegant venues, then you will find the ideal solution to celebrate this day.

The uniqueness of the reception room in Botrugno, in the heart of Salento, comes from nature. It is she who made the location of Tenuta Tresca generous and evocative, inspiring every day the innate passion for hospitality, also recognized by the "Italian Hospitality 2015" brand. They celebrate love, in all its forms and manifestations. In the Estate it is possible to celebrate civil unions between gay couples in an enchanted atmosphere where love is the great protagonist. From the civil ceremony to the reception, every moment of your magical day will be unforgettable. Tenuta Tresca is the setting for the most suggestive weddings in Puglia, blending the wonders of nature with the most beautiful emotions. Imagine your fairytale wedding immersed in the suggestive nature of the south, savor the country chic style, enjoy the natural carpet of leaves, colors and scents that only Tenuta Tresca can offer you and let yourself be enchanted; from refined and impeccable details ... you are already living your Big Day.

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Tenuta tresca

Masseria San Michele

Rediscover the luxury of tranquility, simplicity and ancient traditions in the Masseria San Michele, dating back to the 18th century, a small paradise in the heart of the Itria Valley that offers you a beautiful rural chic style property. You will find an atmosphere where tradition is combined with elegance, complete with a swimming pool and room dedicated to guests. Those looking for a rustic location, but with attention to the smallest details will find tranquility and services that enhance local food. The possibility of booking rooms also improves the quality of the service even more.

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wedding at masseria san michele

Masseria Don Luigi

Many couples love agritourism to celebrate their civil wedding, this location has everything you need to enjoy the celebration. A magnificent pool, wrapped in a spacious and manicured garden will frame your event in an elegant and never intrusive way. In addition to the outdoor facility, you will also benefit from the indoor rooms and dedicated experiences arranged on a customized basis.

Masseria Don Luigi is a timeless place that lends itself to being the perfect location for your every particular occasion. The historic charm of the structure and its gardens, enhanced by tailor-made settings for your event, will give light to the details and original views that will make your party a unique experience like the passion we put into making you happy.

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civil ceremony at Masseria Don Luigi

Masseria Montalbano

The charm of an authentic Masseria Pugliese A Renaissance village of the sixteenth century that contains 500 years of history, a treasure guarded over time in its authenticity and extraordinary beauty. Masseria Montalbano is one of the oldest existing farms in Puglia and experienced its heyday in the first half of the seventeenth century when it was purchased by the Acquaviva di Aragona, Counts of Conversano, first with Giangirolamo II and then with Count Julius II Acquaviva d 'Aragon. The village has been the beating heart in the countryside of Ostuni for many years, surrounded by greenery and a few kilometers from the sea, it has welcomed a community of 317 inhabitants.

For you to make the photo album in the best possible way for the civil ceremony, you might consider choosing the magnificent Masseria Montalbano. In addition to a wonderful garden where you can set up tables and lights, you will also be accompanied by a historic building that emphasizes the beautiful history of Ostuni. The pool perfectly matches the setting and you will feel like you are in a fairy tale full of original colors and shades.

Thanks to its history and the energy it emanates, Masseria Montalbano is a place of the soul! A magical location of peace and familiarity, where you can meet and recognize each other in the day that lasts forever, to share with relatives and friends. Today Masseria Montalbano is one of the most exclusive locations for weddings in Puglia, for many years a true point of reference in the wedding scene.

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Masseria Montalbano Fasano

Masseria Traetta exclusive

If tranquility and nature are two characteristics you seek, then this Masseria will be your Eldorado. Completely immersed in a natural park, this location dates back to the late 19th century and covers more than 40 hectares of woods and olive groves.

The magnificence of the greenery ties in perfectly with an organized, amenity-rich facility that will accommodate your needs and those of your guests.

The majesty of the park and the magnificence of the building promise strong emotions and these promises will not be disappointed by visiting the internal structure as well.

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Masseria traetta exclusive

Masseria La Macina

Another historic Masseria that might surprise you is that of La Macina, dating back to the mid-17th century represents one of Apulia's most popular locations for those who want to organize a civil ceremony under the banner of dreams and a fairy-tale atmosphere.

The nature, the facilities, the pool, and the large event area will be able to enrapture your attention, even allowing for an atmospheric and colorful photo shoot. A wonderful farm witness of your love. In summer and winter, indoors or out, the location will make your dreams come true..

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Masseria la Macina

Masseria San Francesco

So many couples who are connected to Apulia decide to celebrate their civil wedding at this Masseria. The venue is characterized by its towering olive trees within a historic yet updated and forward-looking context.

An elegant atmosphere that allows the bride and groom to gaze out to sea and be able to begin their journey together under the best auspices.

Its name is Masseria San Francesco, characterized by the presence of an imposing fortified tower. The property is located in this context, a few steps from the Masseria. From this privileged place the view widens and the gaze is filled with landscapes. It goes from the Lower Murgia to the coast of Fasano, Monopoli, in an alternation of rocks and sandy beaches.

The structure, inhabited until some time ago, retains all its peculiarities and the typical environments of a rural life. From here, in the area between Contrada Coccaro and Contrada Carbonelli, you are close to the coast. In a few kilometers you find yourself at the sea, crossing a path immersed in nature, which lives luxuriantly with olive and carob trees. In this way you will have the opportunity to take a dip in the past, to discover ancient traditions, to pick the fruit from the tree while savoring its most authentic taste. While life continues to flow, adding another piece of history to the one already written, the tradition is renewed, feeding on small gestures, beautiful in its extraordinary everyday life.

Dove celebrare rito civile in Puglia

Masseria Grieco

In the city of Ostuni, Masseria Grieco is one of the most popular structures for couples, especially for civil ceremonies. If your desire is to spend a day in the countryside, where walks and the atmosphere are all you are looking for, then you will find in this location a little corner of paradise where you can start your life journey with your better half. The large outdoor square, where the horizon of the Itria Valley becomes a dream scenario, and the ideal location for weddings to remember, where eight trulli welcome guests in a unique and enveloping atmosphere

Masseria Ayroldi

This location is considered a true fortress, where time seems to stand still and emotions continue to swirl in the air. The magnificent swimming pool and a historic structure surrounded by nature will give you an unforgettable day full of suggestions and nostalgia.

Surely the historic little church will give you some original photographs: exploring sometimes brings interesting new things.

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wedding at masseria ayroldi

Masseria Papaperta

An authentic Masseria where traditional values blend with modern Apulian culture is Papaperta's. The magnificent Trulli will be the perfect setting for your civil wedding, amidst verdant gardens and nighttime colors that recreate an atmosphere you could only dream of.

It will be a pleasure to spend time in a place where history can be felt at every step.

Masseria papaperta

Masseria San Nicola

One of the most striking, small, and interesting locations is the Masseria San Nicola. You will find unforgettable gardens that combine with a traditional structure and the beauty of the Apulian sea.

It was originally known with the name of Masseria delle Seti; later the name was changed to Masseria San Nicola, a sign of devotion to the Saint of Bari. Gardens of the Masseria San Nicola are in line with the typical nineteenth-century garden of the Apulian villas and palaces: it is surrounded by walls and equipped with streets for walking and especially rich in scents and colors: from bougainvillea to citrus fruits, from aromatic plants to roses.

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Masseria San Nicola Fasano

Masseria Montenapoleone

Immersed in the heart of the Piana degli Ulivi Secolari, Masseria Montenapoleone stands on an ancient rock settlement, an ideal refuge from where you can admire the beauty of the sea on the horizon and the green hills that surround it. Although this location is usually the favorite destination for those organizing their vacation, you can also set up a tailor-made civil wedding. You will find the ideal refuge between the swimming pool, greenery and vegetation, where friends and relatives can spend peaceful hours enjoying your wedding.

There are also sleeping rooms available, so you can take advantage of them if you don't live too close.

Masseria Montenapoleone

Villa Cenci

What surprises guests of the Relais Villa Cenci from the moment they arrive is the feeling of having arrived home, thanks to the familiar and relaxed atmosphere. Located in the heart of Puglia, on the hills of Cisternino, a few minutes drive from the sea of Ostuni. An oasis of tranquility and beauty that can give you a wonderful day is Villa Cenci. The structure allows you to celebrate among trees, historical structures and paths created to satisfy even those who want a refined and elegant place. Villa Cenci offers several additional services, giving you a real daydream.

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Villa cenci

Masseria Luco

An alternative that will amaze you with its simplicity and beauty is Masseria Luco, located in Martina Franca. The magnificent garden matches a rustic style that is not too rough, providing excellent versatility whether you wanted an elegant event or to make it as friendly as possible.

The spacious garden and decorations will remain a lasting memory in your mind.

You can find more photos of the location in our shots for wedding of Elide and Vincenzo

Masseria luco

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