Polaroids at the wedding? Here are some ideas

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But what are the best ideas with which you can make the most of a Polaroid camera at your wedding? Let's look at some interesting ideas that can please the bride and groom and guests.

Among the most original ideas, which in recent years more and more couples are proposing for their weddings, is to use self-developing films. This technique, particularly successful for the Polaroid brand, allows spontaneous shots to be captured and taken with you without waiting for the photographer to develop them.

Polaroid wedding guestbook

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So many couples like to set up a small table, usually installed in the passage area for guests, on which they can take a Polaroid camera and take instant photographs. In addition to the Polaroids on the table the traditional guest book is also placed side by side, the guests can leave a dedication to the bride and groom directly on the newly taken film.

The guestbook corner is mainly for capturing the first moments with the bride and groom, enhancing the guests who still have all the energy being at the beginning of the day.

Women love to take advantage of this moment because their makeup is still perfect and there are no smudges that usually come in the evening.

The guest book will not be; therefore, the classic list of pen dedications, but will be colored with fun photos that will capture a special day for the guests as well.

The strength of the wooden frame

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An idea now cleared through customs in Italy, too, is the use of a wooden frame on which guests can affix photos taken with a Polaroid camera. Tradition calls for wooden clothespins to secure the photographs on the frame, but nothing prohibits you from using any other accessory you deem useful and safe for children as well.

The beauty in seeing a frame completely covered with photographs always gives joy, taking it home with you then will be a pleasure to wring more smiles.

We recommend that you bring a white sheet with you to cover the frame, so when you take it home you will have no problem placing all the photographs.

The cork frame I would like

Perhaps it is not so easy to find a wooden frame and perhaps the party will be full of particularly lively children, to make up for this you can consider using a cork frame. In this case, the photographs produced by the Polaroids can be affixed directly to the cork with sticks.

As you can imagine in this case you also have the possibility to customize the frame, being able to move the photos as you see fit and according to the order you prefer.

We recommend that you also add a marker pen to the frame, that way guests can leave an additional dedication if they wish.

The wedding favor

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It may seem like an extravagant idea, but in America it is traditional to give guests a wedding favor with a Polaroid camera attached to it. Through the use of a magnet, you can combine the instant photograph with a small gift for friends and family.

In Italy actually this system is not yet widespread, but it is not difficult to find couples who have given small photo frames with Polaroid inside them. An original way to remember such a special day.

A Polaroid for all

If you really love Polaroids madly and your budget allows you, you can consider adding a dedicated camera to each table. There are a plethora of models suitable for this purpose, but surely among the best devices for value for money is the Fuji instax mini.

The guests, in this way, can with their 10-picture film indulge in producing shots for your album, providing you with an incredible number of images and perhaps some surprising ones.

We recommend that you add a small leaflet on which are written the directions on how to use the Polaroid, you don't want to spend half a day explaining to your friends how to use the machine, do you?

The classic tableau

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Have you spent a lifetime taking pictures with your Polaroid camera and have at least one snapshot of your guests? Then you might think about setting up a tableau with shots depicting the guests. If you don't have everyone's photographs, you can think about taking them when you go to the homes of friends and relatives to invite them to the wedding.

A practical and cute way to anticipate creating your tableau, the end result is absolutely worth the effort put in.

Photobooth: a safe solution

Last idea and most likely also the best one if you want to manage the space in your wedding best is the use of photobooth.

This consists of setting up a dedicated area where guests can stop and take Polaroid photographs, following a specific theme and pattern.

It turns out to be the ideal solution if you do not want to create too much chaos and if your desire is to make an elegant wedding album without too much dissimilarity.

You will obviously have to make arrangements with the owner of the location, but fortunately the space needed is not so much, it will be very easy to create a place for the photobooth.

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