Christmas-themed wedding: some ideas for a very special day!

Christmas themed wedding

Today we will take a look at the most important cues for planning a Christmas wedding with bows, so as to enhance the photographs taken by the photographer and the couple themselves.

Christmas-themed weddings are also increasingly a reality in Italy, this tradition inherited from northern European countries is giving great satisfaction to couples who want to get away from the usual summer wedding, full of heat and relatives who would like to be at the beach.

Planning a perfect Christmas-themed Wedding: the most interesting ideas

Christmas wedding ideas would deserve a separate book, the activities and novelties close to this theme are a source of originality and to list them all is almost utopia. We have selected nine to narrow the circle toward the most relevant ones.

Organizzare un matrimonio a natale

The perfect location

A Christmas wedding held in the wrong place is definitely not the best idea; there are more suitable settings than others for showcasing Christmas decorations and colors. Surely renting a hall in a castle or a lodge can be the most beautiful and picturesque way to enjoy your wedding with your better half.

sposarsi a natale

The details for wedding invitations

A wedding in the perfect location also needs wedding invitations of the same standard. You will know very well how important these little slips of paper on which to write the most useful information for your guests are, these are meant to get them to their destination quickly and correctly.

Christmas-inspired graphics are endless, you can indulge with your groom until you find the colors and images that convince both of you.

The ideal outfit

Matrimonio a natale

Everyone has the idea of how to dress for a summer wedding, but hardly any thought is given to the winter one. Fortunately, there are perfect wedding dresses to cope with even the most dreadful cold, but you have to set up the dress in a way that recalls Christmas, how?

Brides who choose to marry at Christmas time like to use warm white fur shrugs, which are often paired with lightweight gloves, also in white, these protect the hands from temperature changes.

Setting up is critical

As with your home, you and your partner need to think carefully about what are the decorations and decorations for your Christmas wedding.

It goes without saying to emphasize that the predominant colors are red and white, but you should not limit yourself to thinking as if you were setting up a Christmas tree

Let your imagination run wild by adding, holly decorations, mistletoes, berries and why not even poinsettias perhaps in association with charities.

Welcoming guests with the Tableau

decorazioni di natale per un matrimonio

An often-forgotten cue is to go for a Christmas-themed Wedding Tableau. You will know very well how much fun it is for guests to observe their names on the Tableau, so why not give it an extra touch by decorating it nicely?

Unlike the setting up of the location, the Tableau you can consider it a real Christmas tree on which to arrange the guests' places. There can be no shortage of faux gift wrap repurposing and even seasonal fruits to brighten up the colors.

The Christmas wedding favor: the perennial dilemma

One of the most relevant perplexities when you have to choose a wedding favor for your wedding is the type of product. Although it may seem obvious to choose a Christmas-themed wedding favor, not all brides like to choose them, so how to get out of the doubt?

In addition to the couple's personal taste in these cases, it is crucial to place emphasis on what kind of wedding favors you wish to give to your guests. You can opt for favors that are sustainable, organic, sympathetic and aimed at the concept of altruism; this will make the bride and groom into Santas with hearts of gold.

The unforgettable place cards

Just as important as wedding invitations, place cards are also very important to make your guests feel comfortable. So many couples like to propose this type of item inspired by typical Christmas products. You might consider using a handcrafted place card or perhaps affixing small items to the table that evoke traditional Christmas games.

The decoration of the table

fotografo matrimonio a natale

Guests will remain seated much of the time, in between dishes they will be enveloped in a Christmas atmosphere that is certainly atmospheric. To achieve an even more enthralling atmosphere, one cannot fail to install on the guests' table, as well as one's own, a centerpiece that recalls the colors and beauty of Christmas.

From the choice of plates, glasses, and flatware to the flowers featured in the center of the table, you and your partner will be surprised at how much of a difference these small details make to a holiday wedding.

Original entertainment

Having set up the location and all the decor elements, it is essential to also showcase entertainment inspired by this time of year. More and more couples are relying on dedicated photo shoots, such as wedding photobooth or reportage, enhancing the colors and suggestion of a unique, almost magical setting.

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