Bride preparation and essential photos that cannot be missed

preparation bride during the wedding

What are the essential photos that cannot be missed? Definitely those of the preparation, let's see which photographs are a must-have in the wedding album.

Emotions run high as the big day approaches, the effort of preparing and managing all the wedding activities will lead you to think that everything will go wrong, but fortunately these are just perfectionist anxieties. By organizing everything to the best of your ability, you will remember these issues as an effort that more than paid off. When planning your wedding you will surely have realized how important the work of the photographer is, quality shots can make the difference between a memorable wedding and a forgettable one.

Make-up shots

preparzione sposa make-up

There is no doubt that your wedding preparations start with make-up. Although you have to wake up early in the morning to be ready for the event, professional photographers like to capture the bride during make-up.

The colors of the clothes matched to your eyes and skin will provide photos that will make you smile and move.

The joy of children

In many regions of Italy, it is a tradition that before going to church, the pageboys visit the bride. Their joy and wonder at observing you in your wedding dress will give you unforgettable shots. The children's party starts very early and you will also discharge some of the stress accumulated in the previous days.

The emotionality of in-laws

One of the unmissable moments of the bride's preparation is definitely the first embrace with the in-laws. Although in many cases there may be flexing between the parties, spending these moments with them will make you very happy.

Many couples like to take early morning photographs with their in-laws, but we recommend you opt for a reportage, you will enhance the naturalness of the events and the real emotions.

Moment of peace

preparazione sposa matrimonio

When the first wave of photographs and people have gone, you will find yourself alone for a few moments to think and enjoy the moment. The best photographers know how to perfectly capture those moments when you are absorbed in your thoughts and in many cases the results are outstanding.

You will feel like you are on another planet, made of fears but also of so much hope. You will never forget these shots.

The friendships of a lifetime

damigelle durante il matrimonio

Among the indispensable photographs that cannot be missed during the bride's preparation are those with the bonds of a lifetime: friends. The people who really love you will come to say hello before you go to church. You will finally feel at ease and the panic that seemed to envelop you will disappear amid friendly laughter and advice before you walk out the door. Your wedding dress will act as a guide to your guests' outfits, you will be able to take photos in the peak of your beauty and, above all, with perfect make-up still intact.

The wedding dresses

abito della sposa

More and more brides decide to have a photo shoot of their wedding dress, whether it is still lying on the bed or already worn. The hassle of choosing a wedding dress you finally like culminates on the day of the big 'yes', dedicated shots are the bare minimum.

We advise you not only to photograph the dress in its entirety, but also to focus on the details so that you have even more detailed memories.


Even if the shots with your in-laws were to be among the most beautiful, they would still not be comparable to the ones with your parents. If you were lucky enough to have a father, you could hug him and cuddle him before he walks you down the aisle, just as much as the mother who will most likely not be able to hold back tears.

Definitely emotional moments that you should not miss for anything in the world. A complete photo album is worth the emotion with the family.

The bouquet

If you were a particularly punctilious bride, choosing your bouquet would have taken you days. In recent years, more and more photographers and brides like to do photo shoots with the bouquet in poetic poses.

The beauty of the flowers will enhance your dress and show that the time to go to church has finally come.


dettagli sposa

During the bride's preparation it is easy to come across small forgetfulnesses, such as the veil or the accessories you need to protect yourself from the rain or cold. Do not deprive yourself of these moments in the photo shoots, they could give you smiles and unforgettable memories when you browse the wedding album.

We advise you not to forget shots of the veil and jewellery you will wear during the wedding, details in many cases make all the difference.

Greetings to neighbors

If you lived in a particularly popular neighborhood and were a well-liked person, you would most likely feel the urge to hug your neighbors before going to church.

Your photographer, if he or she can also capture these nuances, will give you photographs of rare beauty.


The preparation of the bride highlights what are the last details before meeting the sweetheart, immortalizing these moments can bring you great happiness as it is the precise moment when the couple's life turns into something more. Your feelings will change quickly, better to capture them in an unforgettable wedding album..

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