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wedding boho-chic

Boho-chic wedding in recent years is increasingly popular among newlyweds, this type of wedding represents the ultimate expression of creativity and positivity.

Particularly nonconformist couples, who want to bring to life a day immersed in bohemian-style hues, decorations and accessories, will find the boho-chic style wedding the most suitable solution.

But what are the curiosities and characteristics of a wedding in this particular style?

matrimonio boho-chic

The wonder of the location

When you choose to set up a boho-chic style wedding you must necessarily pay attention to the location where you will hold the event. As per the bohemian tradition, the ideal place to celebrate is outdoors, where you can create an atmosphere surrounded by nature, but never too lavish.

Couples love the spacious lawns of the farmhouses surrounded by greenery, or beautiful beaches to offer guests a charming place perfect for taking unforgettable photographs..

As you can imagine, the location is fundamental, but its setting is equally valuable. The boho-chic style involves ambient decorations full of candles, wooden arbors and all those elements that recall the past but are still very elegant today.

There can be no shortage of seasonal flowers, fabric drapes and pillows reminiscent of old bohemian weddings. An indispensable aspect to consider is the color of the decorations; a boho-chic wedding features colors in neutral hues, just like the much-loved shabby style, which you can enhance even more with shades of green, blue or ruby red.

matrimonio boho-chic

The style of the boho-chic dress

The nonconformism of this style is especially evident in the outfit to be used during the wedding. The dress you wear should be spontaneous, essential and simple, recalling that of the hippies. Put aside the idea of wearing a lavish gown full of princess-style patterns and bulges, you will have to choose simple lines wrapped in fluttery, soft fabrics.

If you really didn't like lines that were too simple, you could always add lace, but high heels are not allowed. In fact, a true boho-chic bride wears sandals or ballet flats, which are certainly more comfortable and less showy. In America it is customary for the bride to show up barefoot with beautiful anklets to enhance her personality.

Your partner, on the other hand, should wear a bohemian-style suit with soft lines, bow tie and the ever-present suspenders in addition to a vest. The beard and mustache should definitely not be missing, in this case a close connection to hipster style is almost a given.

matrimonio boho-chic

Music is everything

Among the most important aspects of a boho-chic wedding is music. This style involves upbeat and engaging tunes that guests can enjoy themselves with without too many qualms.

Callbacks to 1960s music can guarantee you great emotional impact; they will give even more informality to your wedding.

The importance of light

matrimonio boho-chic

In addition to music, which is perfect for recreating the lightest possible atmosphere, you must also pay attention to light decorations. Although your photographer will be the one to determine the best spots to shoot the photographs for your wedding album, it is essential to bring to life a setting that echoes the boho-chic style.

There can be no shortage of yellow lights on the trees or lights running along the lines of wood in the place chosen for the celebration. The lights should embrace your guests making them feel at home, remember to always enhance the informal aspect of this style.

The boho-chic bouquet

Choosing a bouquet is never easy, the varieties of flowers and colors available are endless, and we often rely on the florist's expertise to make sure we don't make a mistake. In the boho-chic wedding, flowers are, along with you and your partner, the real stars of the day, you will have to match them perfectly with your wedding dress.

A boho-chic style bouquet should match the hues of your dress and those of the location setting; avoid flowers such as calla lilies, lilies and all those types that evoke sophisticated features.

Usually, the best choice falls on delicate little roses, orange blossoms and wildflowers, capable of giving that vintage taste while tying in perfectly with the hairstyle. If you were getting married in the mimosa season, this could be the flower that will enhance you.

Even the shape of the bouquet should not be lavish, request a simple, practical shape aimed at highlighting the most beautiful flowers. You can choose round bouquets or hand-created baskets in which to place the flowers you love.

matrimonio boho-chic


If you were to be a nonconformist person and hated formal weddings, then a boho-chic wedding might be the best choice for you. It will allow you to enhance the personality of the couple and at the same time immerse yourself in the greenery of nature.

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