Country chic wedding: When nature becomes elegance

wedding country chic

Among the styles that are emerging most in recent years is definitely the country chic wedding, this links classic elements of a rustic style, to the elegance of a more modern composition.

The passion and commitment you put into planning your wedding leads you in many cases to consider multiple stylistic solutions. The beauty of your wedding is bound not only to the management of all events, but also to the planning of a well-defined style aimed at enhancing the couple.

The trend of the moment: country chic wedding

Matrimonio country chic

Before choosing a country chic style wedding, it is wise to understand what is meant by this term. When you rely on country chic style you are immersed in an atmosphere rich in colors, materials and natural places typical of rural areas.

You will be enveloped in bright natural color combinations that evoke not only the most celebrated American country style, but also an elegance closer to European traditions. More and more couples are choosing this style to add an original touch to their wedding, offering their guests a unique experience.

Simplicity and nature combine with elegance

Matrimonio country chic

A country chic wedding features lots of evocative elements and atmospheres that will make you rediscover the beauty of nature, but without ever lapsing into banality.

One of the strengths of a country chic wedding is the location. Don't think of a lavish venue full of aesthetic trappings, this type of wedding caters to those who want country settings, embraced by nature, that they be enhanced in a modern way.

The most sought-after locations are those in old “masserias" or elegant farmhouses, but you should absolutely not rule out spacious gardens and agritourism. Try to take advantage of colorful choreography that can enhance the beauty of the couple and that of your wedding dress.

Setting also plays an indispensable role in a country chic wedding, as you can imagine you have to match the style and decorations to the theme of the wedding; therefore, there can be no shortage of wooden barrels, vases, hay bales and all those elements that recall American country traditions.

Matrimonio country chic

More and more couples like to set up their wedding venue with wooden structures surrounded by rose petal lawns. The scenic effect is really very pleasant, and you can take wonderful photographs for your wedding album. Don't forget to create a dedicated area for children, where they can play in a completely new, yet safe environment.

The location and the setting of the place where you will spend most of the time celebrating are not the only interesting aspects of the country chic style. Your attire can also make the difference between whether the atmosphere is successful or not.

This style requires all-wood tables, but you can choose the colors and designs that should match the tablecloths. In this way you will know perfectly how to match your wedding dress, ensuring a coherence that is essential for achieving photographs and a country chic ambiance.

Choosing bright colors that can tie in with nature's hues can help you avoid anxiety about the perfect match. Assess well the elements in the location and adapt accordingly.

Tables and simplicity

Matrimonio country chic

When you choose a country chic wedding you will inevitably end up with endless tables. Not everyone knows that this style is particularly beloved because it does not leave guests alone in the traditional round tables scattered around the room, but unites them in one or more very long tables to provide a feeling of familiarity.

However, not all tables are identical to each other; the size and shape can completely change your plans during the celebration. Discerning couples require custom-made tables to recreate the perfect American country atmosphere, but don't forget that the country chic style has elements of elegance that enhance its beauty.

Remember that a wedding, designed to show this style, combines the simplicity of natural elements with the more refined elements of modern European ideas. Don't just create a perfect setting with country-inspired chairs, objects and colors, try to evolve that style by incorporating a dash of elegance.

The connection between these two concepts will create the perfect country chic wedding, but of course be careful not to overdo it toward either genre.


In recent years, the beauty of country chic weddings is also winning over Italian couples. Although until recently it was a style aimed primarily at American weddings, the suggestion and characterization of this genre is finding an excellent match in Italy, thanks in part to masserias, gardens and beautiful venues. If simplicity, nature and elegance are characteristics you love, then you will find country chic wedding the ideal solution.

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