Midweek wedding: 5 reasons to get married not just on the weekend

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Although it is usually ingrained in the public imagination that weddings should be celebrated on Sundays, in recent years the trend seems to be distinctly shifting toward midweek weddings.

Planning a wedding is never easy, especially if you have the need to interlock a multitude of different activities.

There are several reasons that may push you toward this choice, but in the next few lines we will look at five that will make you want to celebrate your wedding on weekdays.

The wedding cost

One of the reasons that can convince you to get married on weekdays is definitely to reduce overhead. You know very well how expensive it is to organize such an event; by moving it a few days into the week you can reduce costs dramatically.

The expense of renting the location on Saturdays and Sundays is much higher, while you are unlikely to find extremely expensive sights on midweek days. To give you more significant values, we emphasize how it is possible to save up to 30% compared to renting a restaurant on the weekend. Also connected to this advantage are the catering, florist and photographer, who will lower their costs while working on days away from holidays.

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The date of your dreams

The second reason to conduct midweek weddings is to be able to choose the very date you want to celebrate one of the most beautiful days of your life. Most couples, to dovetail an ideal date, spend whole days moving events and visiting available locations. You may have noticed how in June and July it is almost impossible to celebrate your wedding without choosing a forced date.

Midweek weddings, on the other hand, are the ideal solution for planning the event even at the last minute, giving you the opportunity to choose the most suitable date to fit in work commitments or simply to enhance a day that binds you to your partner. The idea of getting married on the day you want will give you unparalleled moments of romance.

A dedicated location

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By choosing to celebrate your wedding during the week you will be able to avoid one of the most annoying issues for a couple: shared location. The extremely high number of weekend weddings pushes location managers to set up more than one wedding at the same location, generating in many cases a limitation of space to guests, as well as to the bride and groom themselves.

The wonder of being able to wander around the restaurant and its grounds without bumping into people from outside your party can provide you with excellent freedom as well as dedicated service. You will feel much more relaxed and will not have the anxiety that the service may be insufficient for your guests. So many couples do not like to break up their party when midnight strikes, such a condition can be avoided by having a dedicated reception with no strings attached.

The joy of the guests

You've surely wondered whether planning a midweek wedding would disrupt the daily activities of your guests, right? People often make the mistake of thinking that relatives and friends are completely wrapped up in work or family chores, but in fact a weekday wedding is an excellent opportunity to take a day off, breaking up the daily routine.

Also, don't forget that many people now work their own weekends and a Saturday or Sunday wedding could be even more traumatic for them.

In case some of your guests cannot make it to the venue for the party, you could always let them know the time of the cake cutting, that way they can go at the best time and toast such an important moment.

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Celebrating all weekend long

One of the reasons to celebrate midweek weddings is definitely to be able to extend the celebration into the following days. A wedding planned close to the weekend allows you to involve even more of your guests in the event; friends who had to travel so many kilometers to reach you will be able to enjoy a day with the bride and groom amid local beauty and a joyful atmosphere.

Although until a very few years ago couples would leave for their honeymoon the day after their fateful "yes," the trend is veering toward a more relaxed departure a few days later. You can take advantage of this time to continue your emotions with small events where you unwrap gifts or why not take pictures with close friends outside the busy bride context.


The five reasons we have listed for celebrating midweek weddings are just a few that may give you the cue to consider such an opportunity. Significantly lower costs, greater ease of organization, and the abandonment of all those Sunday traffic anxieties will ensure you have a unique and emotionally charged wedding.

Don't worry that some guests may not attend your midweek wedding; the people you love will surely be by your side at such an important moment.

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