Getting married in winter an alternative choice

getting married in winter

You surely know how difficult it is to book a location in the summer time for your wedding, so that you can get around this problem in recent years more and more couples decide to get married in winter.

In the next few lines, we will list eight good reasons to get married in winter, giving you some interesting ideas in case you are thinking of bonding with your loved one during this period.

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The ideal date

Among the most attractive practical reasons for getting married in the winter is definitely being able to choose a date for both the location and the reception with ease. Unfortunately, it is difficult to find a free place for the ceremony or reception in the spring and summer, as most couples prefer to get married during warm periods to make the most of the sunny day and the heat, but this is not necessarily the best solution. Getting married in winter allows you to take your time choosing the location and being able to book not necessarily years in advance, being able to better manage the photographer, florist and guest services.

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The guests at your wedding are very important, these have the desire to celebrate with you and your beloved one of the most beautiful days, but as happens every year guests are asphyxiated by wedding invitations in the summer and in some cases are forced to choose the closest spouses. A winter wedding eliminates this problem and allows your guests to be almost always available and they will have no excuse not to rejoice with you on your wedding day. Being able to invite guests to your wedding in the winter also allows them to be able to dare a little more for the gift, being completely free of other commitments in the short term. A great excuse to be pampered by those who love you.

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The magic of decorations

The charm that winter can give is unique, the colors and emotions related to nostalgia are a perfect setting to enjoy a special climate. Choosing this time of year, allows even those who cannot move in the summer to better enjoy the Christmas decorations or the magical colors of autumn. We recommend you to take into account the month of December, full of magic and where you can enhance the typical decorations of the mountain or Christmas. The December weather will give you cheerfulness and unforgettable photo shoots that over time will give inspiration and fun.

Stop to the asphyxiating heat

If you don't particularly love the scorching heat and the idea of having to wear your wedding dress on a day with 30°C in the shade, then choosing to get married in the winter might just be the best solution. In winter, you won't need hats to shield you from the sun or sudden changes of clothes to quell excessive sweating. Winter wedding dresses are wonderful and the ones for men are no less. Winter is synonymous with elegance and if you want to look your best with your wedding dress, you can enhance even more your beauty and your shapes.

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Bad weather I do not fear you

Many summer weddings are ruined by sudden rains and locations completely to be reorganized because of bad weather; in winter the problem does not arise because you have already budgeted that it may rain. You can, therefore, arrange a cozy setting indoors and avoid the unpleasant feeling of a poolside refreshment magically distorted by the sudden summer rain. Winter weddings make you enjoy the details, like a Christmas tree decorated to your style or warm lighting that gives guests calm and elegance.

Enjoy the food

How many times have you associated the month of December with traditional banquets with friends and family. Imagine the same situation, but extended to your wedding on a grand scale, a riot of fun and food that will cheer not only the bride and groom but especially the guests, the latter particularly prone to eat a lot. Winter weather really helps to have a dialogue during the moments of pause, in summer we often take the opportunity to get away from the table out of boredom, in winter we are led to stay together and communicate more while having fun. This way you can engage with your guests and make them even happier to be there.

Unique honeymoon

Planning your honeymoon in winter allows you to take advantage of several benefits, one above all the cost. Although it may seem anachronistic, traveling in winter costs much less and in many cases even the most important hotels lower their prices considerably. Although cost is an important component there is also another wonderful advantage: exotic destinations. Countries like Brazil, Argentina and Chile are the perfect places to enjoy the sea and the most interesting islands. In these countries, in fact, compared to Europe it is summer and you can enjoy all the activities involved.

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Originality is the keyword

A wedding is a unique event, but you may have noticed that in most cases the activities and events organized are almost always the same. This is because couples tend to follow a conventional path that makes them feel safe and guarantees a certain outcome. Organizing a traditional wedding, makes the same predictable and almost expected, a winter wedding instead is synonymous with originality and wonder. Imagine one of your guests reading the invitation or the wedding invitation, and taking note of the winter date, this alone would be enough to make the event unique and original. Gathering the people you love at Christmas time or on a specific day of the winter season, to which you are particularly attached, highlights your personality and great desire to differentiate from the traditional wedding.


If you're afraid to get married in the winter because of bad weather imagine how crazy it would be if it rained in the summer. The wedding in winter can be a resource to be valued, where you can enjoy the best day of your life in an original way and being able to count on a more streamlined and less suffocating organization.

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