Photo reportage in the city: urban style gets married!

wedding reportage in ostuni city

Among the most interesting innovations of recent years, to organize a different wedding, is the photo reportage in the city, more commonly known as urban style. A real urban shooting that enhances not only the bride and groom but also the characteristics of the city itself. You must have imagined, at least once in your life, having your photo taken in a unique urban setting, with a medieval village as a backdrop or a metropolis that contrasts with the colors of your dress. So that the dream can become a reality, why not experiment with an urban style reportage for your wedding?

Wedding in reportage style

Before planning an urban style reportage, it is essential to know what a reportage style wedding is. The reportage style is identified as a way of taking photos more spontaneous, fresh and contemporary in which you create a story between the protagonists and the context in which they are, inserting as a frame the naturalness and unpredictability. The shots in reportage style as well as telling a story, be it related to the wedding or the city, are taken with naturalness and without too many technicalities.

As you may have guessed, the reportage style relates the context to the naturalness of the subjects photographed, and it is precisely here that lies the great rise of urban style reportage, placing the protagonists within an urban context and telling a story made of spontaneity. However, this type of wedding requires professionals who are able to capture the perfect moment and highlight the bond between the city and the bride and groom. Although being photographed in a medieval village can be very evocative, the reportage needs skilled hands to develop a pleasant story that binds well to the desired context.

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How to enhance an urban style photographic reportage

Once you understand what urban style is and especially reportage style, it's time to examine the features that can enhance your photo reportage, let's look at the key points. 

Art is culture

Among the most beautiful countries in the world there is Italy, which has nothing to envy to anyone, art is a main component of this country and surrounds you daily often pampering you indirectly. The urban style in this case is enhanced by the historical centers full of basilicas, churches, cathedrals and places of worship, which you can choose as a backdrop for your reception or reception. The impact that guests will have in front of an important monument and its solemnity will make your reportage memorable.

foto naturali in stile reportage

Medieval hamlets

Among the most evocative and captivating places for an urban-style reportage is the medieval hamlet. If you are lucky enough to live in a city, where there is a medieval hamlet, you can, together with your better half, highlight your beauty and that of the lights of an era long gone. We recommend a beautiful setting such as Apulia, where you can create a unique and alternative reportage photo shoot full of history and timeless places. In particular, the city of Ostuni, known as the white city, can offer you wonderful views and unforgettable villages where you can take exciting pictures.

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Minimal photos

Among the current fashions that tie into urban-style reportage is taking minimal photos. You may have seen the famous photo of the Beatles in the crosswalk at Abbey Road, a concrete example of minimal style. You can give yourself evocative photos that recall the great classics or recreate your own style in which you can enhance the colors of what is around you. The colors that recall this style are definitely the black and white photos, so we recommend that you combine colors with strong tones for a result of certain impact.

reportage matrimonio immagini uniche

Valuing one's own land

The reportage in urban style was born with the need to enhance the city as well as the protagonists of the shooting. While your intent may be to enhance the beauty of the couple, it's really the couple that needs to adjust to the city and experience it completely. The most beautiful shots will be those in which your spontaneity, along with that of your loved one, will naturally tie into the context in which you are dropped.

The city is not just your backdrop for photos, it is an integral part of what you are experiencing. If you want a reportage in urban style you have to completely immerse yourself in your city and choose it carefully in order to get the best shots.

The corner of paradise

You don't have to imagine the urban style as the simple exaltation of a metropolitan place or a big city, you can choose to use a reportage in this style even in a small square to which you are particularly attached. Maybe when you were little you dreamed of giving a buffet near a church that reminds you of the first kiss, this is the perfect context to crown a dream and be able to tell, do not be afraid to be original, follow your emotions always.

The characteristic elements of urban style wedding

So far, we have analyzed the most interesting features and ideas for a night reportage in urban style, but what are the elements that should not be missing in the shooting of urban style??

reportage urban style borghi ostuni

Crystal chandeliers

The urban style combines past and modern in a unique way, enhancing the lights and materials. Unmissable elements in a wedding reportage in this style include crystal bulbs or the more obtrusive cascades of bulbs descending from above.


The urban style, given the great eclecticism, puts the bride and groom in front of the choice of extremely bright colors or the more sober and elegant black and white. The choice depends on the couple's preference and the context you chose for the photos. We recommend you to buy white roses, they will be sure to impress in photographs thanks to their impeccable coloring.


Choosing the perfect dress is not so difficult for urban style, you have to pay attention only in being modern and innovative, do not be afraid to dare, you are projected into the future and your dress must be too.

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