Wedding Reportage: 8 useful tips to overcome shyness in front of the lens

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Lingering for minutes on end in front of a beautiful photograph gives you a perfect idea of how much this art form can affect people's emotions and memories.

Among the most popular photographic styles of recent years, is certainly that of reportage, a form of photographic expression that focuses on the naturalness and spontaneity of the subjects. More and more couples are choosing a wedding reportage, but they are afraid of not being prepared or suitable in being able to make the most of it because of their shyness. In the next few lines, we will see eight useful tips for overcoming shyness in front of the lens..

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Relationship with the photographer

The professional that you will hire to take the shots is an integral part of the process of making a quality reportage, so that you can get the best results from him, it is important to establish a relationship of trust and confidence that can help the photographer to capture the deepest emotions. Before starting the reportage, we suggest you talk to him a lot and create a bond of friendship that will allow you to break the shyness and trust his work. The more the couple can recreate a relationship of trust with the photographer, the greater the chances of breaking the barrier of shyness..

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Rehearsals are important

Many photographers give the possibility, to the shyest couples, to make a rehearsal of the photographic service, pandering to the needs of the timidest and trying to put them at ease. Through the rehearsal, you will get to know the photographer better and establish a familiar relationship with him and the way he works. In addition to the advantage of being able to try such a service, you will have the opportunity to make a pre-wedding reportage that in many cases is less set and natural than the fateful day. Although rehearsals can be a peculiar solution, they are ideal if you are looking for perfection in wedding reportage..

Perfect planning

Shyness, in addition to manifesting itself towards those we do not know well, is also linked to the places and new activities we have to do. It must have happened to you a thousand times, going to a magnificent place and not being able to find the words or having to fight against shyness in order to feel comfortable. A solution to this problem you have to look for it in the perfect planning in which, the couple and the photographer, decide the activities of the day. This trick will help you not to think too much and enjoy the agreed itinerary in complete serenity, without anxieties and fears. .

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Forget about the photographer

When you feel free, shyness is just a memory, being able to get away from the world while enjoying the landscape and the location will lead you to forget about the photographer. Among the most important characteristics of the reportage style, there is the naturalness of the photographer and the protagonist of the shots, a great photographer will be almost invisible and you will be able to get rid of shyness and anxiety that are essential for the success of beautiful photos. Pretending that the photographer does not exist is therefore an intelligent solution, which makes the most of this type of photography and enhances the spontaneity of the bride and groom.

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Focus on other things

Along the lines of forgetting about the photographer, there's also another system for overcoming shyness: thinking about something else. The reportage style does not provide the traditional cover poses, but will highlight the flow of your day by capturing the most genuine and unedited details. If the skill of the photographer in this case is crucial, every now and then they may make you uncomfortable with a lens pointed in your direction, in this case do not get caught by shyness and think of something else. Focus on what you are doing, like climbing a ladder or throwing the bouquet, enjoy the moment and forget about the photographer.

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The ideal makeup

Shyness brings with it the famous blush on the cheeks, and how can you avoid this problem if you are particularly shy during shots? Spending the whole day between blushes is definitely not everyone's dream, but with a good make-up artist you can get around the problem and enjoy even the unexpected. An even makeup, for both him and her, is the essential base to be able to compensate for sudden blushes due to emotion. In case you decide, together with your loved one, to choose an urban style reportage, enhancing a black and white photo album you will be able to avoid too marked makeup. We advise you to opt for a natural makeup, which highlights your beauty and does not cover your features, the latter important to decipher the emotions of the face..

The fun

One of the tips we give most strongly for overcoming shyness is to have fun and joke about everything. Remember that the protagonists of the reportage are you and your loved one, the shots should be a static manifestation of your love and joy. When you feel awkward, look at the person you're marrying and joke about it, with jokes, grimaces and anything else that characterizes your personality. The reportage style should represent who you are in all its forms, the shyest people are often the ones who have the most to say. Have fun and don't think about ruining the shot, there will be plenty of them.

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The naturalness

In order to enhance the reportage photo shoot, which is increasingly sought after by couples, it is essential to be natural. The very idea of this style, highlights the beauty of being rather than appearing, thinking of creating a fictitious scenario by posing or repressing your feelings will give you a bad photo shoot. You don't have to be afraid to express your shyness; instead, value it and be proud of it. Shyness, when handled by quality photographers, is an asset that will make your wedding even more unique and unforgettable.


Sometimes overcoming shyness can be particularly difficult, being able to remain natural in front of a photographer's lens can be a tricky challenge. Following the eight tips listed above you can find the best, according to your character and way of doing things, but we are sure that the reportage style is the most suitable to make your wedding memorable with shots that will enhance your beauty.

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