How to look more beautiful in wedding photos

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In the next few lines, we will try to help you with five secrets to look more beautiful in wedding photos, so as to put even the most jokey friends in difficulty.

Wedding photo shoots are often prone to hilarity and easy jokes from those who observe them. The strangest photos often lead your friends and family to make sharp jokes at the right time towards a bad photo. History teaches that in addition to the skill of the chosen photographer, sometimes the difference can be made by a detail, a better profile or simply a different combination of colors.


The worst photos are those in which your gaze is contracted and rigid, although photography is the best way to capture a moment, it does not guarantee a good result if your face is not relaxed and natural. The first secret, so that your photos can enhance the beauty of the couple is to be spontaneous, is enhancing the features through being natural that will give you greater charisma and the shots will be a pleasant consequence. You may find it more difficult to be spontaneous and natural as the lens points towards you, although much of the success of a reportage revolves around the photographer's skill and his ability to be almost invisible. If you feel intimidated think of something else. Focus your attention on what you are doing: give a hug, climb a ladder, have a drink; enjoy these moments without thinking that there may be someone taking pictures of you. You will get wonderful results just by staying yourself.

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The pose can make a difference

It will have happened to you a thousand times to hear people say: "strike a pose", on the wedding day it will be almost a constant interlayer. The first secret, that of naturalness, may not be so easy to apply if friends and photographers continually ask you to pose, how can you solve this problem? We are sure that, like everyone else, you have a pose where you are sure you are beautiful and photogenic, that's when you can use your secret weapon and unleash the trouble-saving pose. But a bride with the same expression throughout the photo shoot is definitely not what you want, so we recommend that you carry out some tests that will lead you to choose four or five options that suit you. Perfection does not exist but sometimes you have to work on it to build it.

Closed eyes are to be avoided

The protagonists of a photograph with closed eyes are certainly not the best of beauty, although the photos have something funny, they are certainly not the goal to have a perfect wedding reportage. The luck of modern photographic services lies in the multiplicity of shots, being able to take a series of automatic digital shots allows the photographer to choose the best one in post-production, but we want to avoid that there are an infinity of photographs with closed eyes, right? So that you can avoid shots with your eyes closed, we recommend that a few moments before the photographer asks you to pose, to close your eyelids for a few seconds, so as to rest and be able to perform a shoot with your eyes awake and ready for the flash. In addition to closing the eyelids for a few seconds, we also advise you not to stiffen, the body and especially the face tend to tense when you are taking a picture with your eyes closed. You must absolutely avoid that there are photos with your eyes closed but it should not be a problem if it happens, it is your day and it is not advisable to get overwhelmed by unnecessary anxieties; the photographer is there to avoid these problems.

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The smile as a form of wonder

One of the secrets to getting beautiful photos is to enhance your smile. But you have to abandon the idea of showing off the traditional party smile where everyone seems fake and forced to take their photo; you must be natural and enhance the features and the sweetness that distinguishes you on that day. We recommend that you smile sweetly, perhaps highlighting the much more delicate upper teeth. A light smile will allow you to enhance the eyes too, the maximum expression of sensitivity and emotionality. If you are not particularly happy with your teeth, you can even hint at a smile with your lips closed, your eyes will offer the spectacle of your emotions of joy..

Photos that can make a difference

The history of fashion testifies how clothes and models are not just the expression of an item of clothing but bring with them elegance, poise and details. Even a bride can enhance the details of her person through small movements and gestures, let's see which details to enhance to get wonderful photos to remember forever.

The elegance of the hands: highlighting the hands, with dedicated gloves or nail polishes can give unique photos. The hands can help you to outline the features of the face thanks to a simple juxtaposition of the same while you are sitting with a relaxed wrist. The hands can help you outline your facial features by bringing one hand to your face as you sit, with your wrist relaxed. A princess who enjoys her moment of relaxation with elegance.

The Shoulders: fashion shows teach how important posture is. We recommend that you keep an imaginary diagonal line that places one shoulder slightly lower than the other. This "pose" will allow you to highlight the neck making it look longer and more refined.

The head: one of the most used rules by models is to tilt your head slightly to the left or right. It may seem obvious to you, but it allows the photographer's lens to obtain a more harmonious perspective..

Perfect makeup: a well-done make-up, whether it is capable of characterizing the face or the eyes, is essential for the success of a high-level photo shoot. A successful make-up can make you even more beautiful and solve most of the problems related to the colors of photographs..

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