Organizing a wedding in 3 months: 10 simple steps

wedding in puglia how to organize it

Organizing a wedding is definitely not easy, managing all the activities related to this event can often seem endless and knowing how to organize becomes a problem. Many of you, however, in addition to the organization of the main activities have to deal with the time factor, it is increasingly popular to plan the wedding in a few months. In the next few lines, we will see how to organize a wedding in three months in 10 simple steps, starting with the bureaucracy until the choice of a wedding photographer..

Step 1: A look at formality

Among the first problems to be solved to give life to a marriage is definitely the one related to bureaucracy. Although it may seem trivial, without the right documents, permits, and publications your dream will remain a mirage. In order to speed up the paperwork, we recommend that you contact an experienced city official who is familiar with the dynamics of marriage, especially those related to such fast-paced timelines. If your desire is to get married in a church, then you should also contact the priest of your choice, setting up with him the essential dates of the premarital course. Given the national timeline, it is critical to address this step as soon as possible.

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Step 2: Catering and location can make all the difference

It is known to all how the choice of location and catering can make the difference between a successful wedding and one certainly less successful. Although it is very difficult, in just three months, to find the desired location, it is advisable to strive for the best result. We often get hung up on a specific location, but closing your mind is never a smart solution if you have so little time to plan your wedding. The most beautiful locations and the most amazing caterers are often to be found in the less famous places, with a little patience you can find a unique place, where you can also introduce third party companies for a custom menu and accessories for the setting.

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Step 3: When the clothes make the man

Once you've chosen your location it's time to focus on the clothes you want to wear, luckily three months is more than enough time to find the perfect dress. If you are looking for a fashionable dress you will most likely not find the latest model, times are tight and you have to make do, but surely there are endless solutions that will guarantee an excellent result. Three months is also perfect for making a bespoke dress, the best tailors are masters at sewing the ideal outfit and 90 days is more than enough time to make you happy.

organizzare un matrimonio in 3 mesi

Step 4: Makeup like a pro

The perfect dress must be enhanced and there is no better solution than a neat and balanced makeup with the colors of your skin and dress. Many brides believe that it is impossible to find a makeup artist who can be available at such short notice in just three months, but in reality, the wedding couple always have a fast track and with a good word of mouth you can use professionals ready to make you even more beautiful. Natural makeup is recommended to enhance the dress.

Step 5: Flowers and wedding rings cannot be missing

The fifth step, which is right in the middle of your organizing journey, necessarily involves managing the flowers and wedding rings. For the wedding rings, both the choice and the due engraving, it will not take more than a month; while for the flowers is very subjective. If you love seasonal flowers, then you can decide whether to buy them directly from the wholesale market or from a florist, while if you are particularly attached to the environment, the choice of flowers in cloth or eco-sustainable could provide that wow effect always appreciated by guests. Flowers are an aesthetic representation of your personality, while wedding rings symbolize a much more intimate and personal love.

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Step 6: The number of guests

With only three months to spare, it is very difficult to organize a wedding for more than 250 people, but it is much easier to organize a reception for a few people. Unfortunately, when you have so little time it is necessary to direct your energies to the people closest to you and whom you absolutely do not want to deprive yourself of on one of the most important days of your life. In order to optimize the management of this aspect, we recommend that you draw up a list of all unavoidable guests and add others only if they are easy to find. The further away your guests are from where you live, the longer the communication and overall management time.

Step 7: Wedding invitations and announcements

Sore spot for every couple is writing their wedding invitations and announcements. In most cases, wedding invitations and announcements are closely related to the location or theme chosen for the reception, but only three months are few and it is better to abandon the custom lettering and too original invitations. In this case it is right to choose a quicker and simpler approach, able to inform everyone and give the happy news in a best way. Many countries even use email invitations, but Italy is still tied to traditions and an invitation directly to the home, for those close, and through Social (WhatsApp and similar) are reliable means.

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Step 8: Choosing a photographer, wedding photographer Apulia

Almost everything has been planned, but there are still missing some essential steps for the success of a wedding, one of these is absolutely the choice of photographer. Relying on professional photographers is the key to achieving wonderful results, with which to enhance not only the couple but also guests and context. A wedding dress, makeup, reception hall and more, in order for them to remain indelible in the memory of guests and celebrants, need a capable and experienced professional photographer, who knows how to highlight the theme of the party and the requests of the newlyweds. Photography is an art form that should not be overlooked, capable of moving people over time.

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Step 9: Honeymoon in Italy or abroad?

The choice of honeymoon is always the most complicated, opting for Italy or abroad is difficult and often depends on the budget available. In the last years more and more couples are deciding to use the most beautiful reception halls of Apulia, and consequently to travel among the lands of this fantastic region; but many others are fascinated by exploration and aim at a foreign context. How to solve this dilemma? Having little time available, it is possible to open a travel list at an agency and accumulate in three months a budget that will consequently bind the newlyweds to choose the trip that best suits their expenses. A true experiment that will only enhance the spirit of adventure, which the wedding itself offers.

Step 10: Technology

The final step to organizing a perfect wedding in just three months is to use technology to streamline the time and management of the paragraphs you've read so far. Everyone now has a smartphone, and among the endless applications we recommend you to use absolutely: the agenda, a group chat for the invitations, an application for choosing the ideal menu and especially tools to better manage honeymooners. Fortunately, there will be no need for photography apps or wedding photo planning, it is good to leave this to the professionals and their skills.


Every wedding is unique, building a perfect reception in just three months is definitely not everyone's mission, but with a few tricks and the availability of the right people, everything will seem natural. Let's add a final bit of advice for those who need to speed up wedding timelines and don't have enough time; using a wedding planner could be the ideal solution. A professional wedding planner will devote their time to original wedding invitations or special wedding favors that are often overlooked.

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