The post-wedding photo shoot: find out if it's right for you!

post wedding photo shoot

The traditional wedding photo shoots are in most cases imagined as the story of the party and the most significant moments of the religious rite. Although this is partly true in recent years is spreading like wildfire the post-wedding photo shoot that enhances even more the union of the couple and their love.

This type of photographic service is aimed at all those who want to retrace, even if only in part, one of the most beautiful days of their lives. As it is easy to deduce, however, not everyone is predisposed to support a post-matrimonial photo shoot and in the next few lines we will analyze the most significant aspects of this particular photographic activity.

Carefree fun

One purpose of the post-wedding photo shoot is to make you have fun and feel free together with the love of your life, far from the traditional wedding photo shoot usually full of tension and anxiety. When you pose, you'll be free of tension and you'll be able to enjoy a much more peaceful and fun atmosphere with the photographer, whom you already trust and know how he works. More and more couples are deciding to try their hand at action-packed and fun-filled post-wedding shoots, taking advantage of the waves of the sea or the white snow, putting their wedding dress to the test, but guaranteeing laughter during the shoot.

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Back to the past

You know all too well how complicated wedding planning is, the endless hours spent searching for the perfect match, the ideal shoe and the crying over the wedding dress of your dreams, but after so much effort why not enjoy them for a second time? Leaving aside for a moment the economic factor that still has its weight, think about how you can enhance even more your wedding dress with a dedicated post-wedding photo shoot. Maybe you'll find the most beautiful photo just reproducing your favorite day, with all the benefits of no stress, and an extremely calmer, more relaxed atmosphere. Many people believe that a post-wedding photo shoot is far more fun than a traditional shoot, to which is added a great technical performance due to a greater knowledge of the photographer. A return to the past that has the flavor of the future.

fotografo matrimonio a venezia

A place full of emotions

Although in recent years there is the custom of taking wedding photos even a few days before the wedding, most couples prefer to enjoy the photo shoot on the same day. As you know very well the limitations in taking photos on the same day are many, constrained mainly by the timing of the reception. The photo shoot is mainly done in the location closest to the ceremony hall, this is to facilitate the timing for the reception and banquet. Thanks to a post-wedding photographic service you can choose the location you most desire, even far away from where you held the wedding. You will be able to enjoy with your loved one unique sunset, sea, mountains and why not a European city that you have wanted to visit for years. Among the most beautiful and suggestive destinations to organize an alternative post wedding with the bows certainly include: Positano, Sorrento, Venice and the very romantic Santorini in Greece. Why not avail yourself of a magical place with your wedding dress? Dreams often stay in the drawer, but if you have a chance to make them come true, don't be afraid and go for it.

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The suit does not make the monk but it is important

Reading the previous lines, you must have thought for sure that reusing the wedding dress again is not really your preferred solution Although the tradition of a post-wedding shoot features the bride and groom in their wedding dresses, no one is stopping you from being able to enjoy the shoot in complete comfort by choosing a custom outfit. The allure of reliving the best day of your life will definitely have another value with the wedding dress, but as they say in these cases: "it's the love that counts". We advise you however to match in a balanced way your makeup with your shoes and clothes, it's right to get comfortable in case you don't want to use the official dress, but for a high-level service it's right also to enhance yourself a little bit.

fotografo matrimonio a venezia

Bad weather is an asset

Managing to run into the few rainy days of summer, can often ruin the wedding day, many couples see it as a sign of destiny and get saddened by a less than exceptional photo shoot. This problem, thanks to a post-wedding service, can be an asset. In fact, you can choose the day you want most, with the bright colors of the sun and blue sky, which can give you unforgettable shots. By scheduling a date or more dates with your photographer you can forget about the rain and highlight your wedding dress that could not give the best of itself on the fateful yes day..

post wedding a santorini

What are the characteristics that make you understand if a post-wedding photo shoot is suitable for the couple?

Initially we asked ourselves whether or not a post-wedding photo shoot was suitable for the couple, in order for an answer to be given, it is essential that you and your loved one have at least one of the following characteristics.

Fun: if you want to have fun and not think about everyday problems, a post-wedding service is the ideal solution. A day, or even more than one, dedicated to yourself and the love of your life can make you happy and unite the soul even more.

Unique Shots: If you want to enhance the union with your partner through unforgettable shots that are not expressly related to the wedding day, this could be the best way to do it. If you feel the need to go beyond the canonical shots then you are ready for a post-wedding shoot.

Budget: this type of photo shoot has a cost, so if you don't have budget problems don't have any qualms and enjoy it.

The broken place: If on your wedding day you can't enjoy the location you've chosen for any number of reasons, this could be the ideal way to give yourself the shots you've been dreaming of in the place you've always wanted.

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