Photos of wedding rings: some tricks for perfect shots

Beautiful wedding ring photos what it is and how to do it

In the next few lines, we will examine some small tricks to make flawless shots of wedding rings.

Among the most identifiable symbols of a couple's relationship is definitely the engagement ring, this represents the meeting of two souls who are committed to join in marriage and in organizing their wedding. Many people underestimate the importance of an engagement ring photo shoot, this identifies a couple's first big step towards the even more important wedding ring, but it will stay in the heart forever. Immortalizing this symbol with a photo shoot can be the beginning of your wedding album, on which you can build a real 360° wedding story.

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The importance of light

As you know in photography light is fundamental, for photos to be defined and sharp you need a lot of light inside the lens to increase its refraction, but leaving these technicalities to your trusted photographer it is important to emphasize that there is a huge difference between light and lighting. In the case of light, this comes directly from a natural source, the sun; lighting, on the other hand, is primarily an artificial source. In order to take flawless photos, it is therefore necessary to distinguish between the two possible scenarios, let's see how.

Natural Light: To get optimal shots for your engagement ring with natural light, it's important to set up a set outdoors or in a room with large windows. The morning and late afternoon are the times where the inclination of the sun's rays can give you unique colors, absolutely avoid noon because this time with its perpendicular rays can create very bad reflections.

Artificial lighting: if your workday is particularly stressful and you can only take photos in the evening, equip yourself with a nice strong lighting source. Many make the mistake of projecting the light diagonally, in this way you would only create shadows, project the light directly or upwards if it is very intense. We advise you to dress in light colors if you don't want to enhance the intensity of the flash too much.

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The ideal background

One of the secrets of getting perfect photos is to set up the right background. If you are lucky enough to have a professional photographer, he will take care of setting up the scene, but if you have to take care of the set up yourself, then we suggest you choose backgrounds with light and uniform colors. The shades of the background depend a lot on the color of your engagement ring, so to avoid mistakes try not to associate similar colors with each other and put yourself in the best contrast condition. The most imaginative use as a background-colored cards or cut out fabric that gently resting on a wooden plate gives a perfect and symmetrical background. If the theme of your wedding shoot has a retro style based on black and white, then you might want to consider enhancing your engagement ring with the same style and have a common thread before and during the wedding..

The best corners

The attention to detail that a wedding photographer who leaves nothing out and tries to tell a true 360-degree wedding story can have, is definitely hard to replicate, but in order to get closer to that philosophy it's essential to understand the best angle to capture the engagement ring. Flipping through the catalogs of trade magazines, you'll have noticed how each photo of the rings has a little shadow behind the jewel, naturally standing out. You must try to recreate a small shadow behind your ring without exaggerating the angle. Another very nice shot is the one from above, known as flatlay, this is characterized by being taken with an artificial light source from above but not perpendicular, so as to avoid reflections and excessive shadows. This type of shot lends itself particularly well to compositions, that is, those little scenic devices that are around the engagement ring during the photo shoot..

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Artistic compositions

To enhance the beauty of your engagement ring even more, you can create small artistic compositions. Don't imagine invasive decorative elements but simple touches that can enhance your style and that of the ring. You can choose natural elements such as leaves, flowers, shells and so on, or turn to artificial solutions such as small LED lights or designs that represent your journey with your loved one. The composition around your engagement ring is the representation of the couple, you can enhance the style or the emotionality, do not be afraid to give vent to your imagination, taking into account, however, that the "too much" is never the ideal solution.

Zoom is to be avoided

From a technical point of view if you don't have a very high-level camera, it is absolutely not recommended to use the zoom. The beauty of photographs is often identified in the definition and cleanliness of colors, zooming in unseemly grains both colors and definition. So that you can have perfect shots you should choose the "macro" mode in the functions of your smartphone or camera, this is suitable for close-up photos and can highlight all the details of the engagement ring. In case your device doesn't have this feature, we suggest you to use the traditional camera, obviously avoiding the zoom.

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Relying on the rule of thirds

The most experienced photographers have a trained eye to frame the subjects and the harmony of the photo is often given by an experience accumulated over the years; if you don't have this skill you can rely on the rule of thirds. You will have seen a thousand times on the camera application of your smartphone a gray of three vertical and horizontal lines that form perfect squares. This grid helps you to take always balanced and proportionate photos when you immortalize the subject, in this case the engagement ring, inside one of the squares. This little trick allows you to experiment with different squares and find the best composition to enhance your jewel.

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