Essential photos that will enrich the memories of your wedding

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In this whirlwind of love, photographs are essential to enrich wedding memories and create indelible images over time. In the next paragraphs we will analyze the important photos for your wedding day.

In everyone's life there are moments that remain etched in the memory, like a tattoo on the skin, thoughts that are always clear and sharp that give shape to unforgettable emotions and memories. To give great strength to these elements, there is certainly photography, capable of combining an abstract memory with the concreteness of an image. Marriage is certainly one of the most important events in one's life path, a stage that marks the beginning of a new path full of emotions and projects to be built..

Before the dream begins: the preparations

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Your photo album represents the story of the before, during and after the fateful yes. Immortalizing the moments before the ceremony, that is when you will be surrounded by a hairdresser, beautician and many friends who want to observe the beautiful make-up, it is essential to create an indelible memory that makes you and your partner smile, even several years later. Many underestimate the photographic shots before entering the church, considering them superficial. In reality they give way to tie the last moments as unmarried before joining in marriage with your loved one. They therefore deserve to be in the wedding album.

The groom and his house

When the wedding is celebrated, the bride is the undoubted protagonist, although the couple represents the maximum expression of love and emotionality, it is in the bride that everyone concentrates their attention. This condition often overshadows the groom and especially his home, the latter instead to be valued together with friends and loved ones. Moments of lightheartedness that can give unforgettable photos on investing time, perhaps with a toast. These moments require quality photographs and professionals who know how to capture the right atmosphere..

The importance of details: decorations

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Among the indispensable photos, decorations cannot be missing, essential elements to remember after endless hours in the choice of colors and perfect combinations. A great photographer will be able to emphasize the style and theme of your wedding, capturing both contextual and detailed scenes of the decorations. In many cases the decorations are underestimated. These have the ability to create the right atmosphere, and to make a photograph trivial, they can become a small masterpiece to be posted on the home walls. In this case it is essential to choose a professional photographer who knows perfectly the strengths and weaknesses of the set-ups and can best enhance them in the photographs.

The buffet

The photographs of the buffet and the menu to be offered to guests are indispensable, to enhance the work of the insiders. The union between the reception staff and the newlyweds must be total and it is important to give credit to the hard work of others as well. The buffet represents the beginning of the celebrations, and being able to steal the most beautiful shots of the dishes and the satisfaction of the guests in observing the laid tables, is priceless for the happiness of the newlyweds. However, you will need a very fast and intelligent photographer, to anticipate the moves of the hungriest guests, who will flock to the beautiful dishes.

The uniqueness of the setting

fotografi matrimoni bari

Guests, like spouses, tend to remember the wedding venue more than food or surprises. The photos of the landscape and the setting that embrace your wedding are therefore very important, giving life to a real background, where the bride and groom are the protagonists in the foreground. Through a well-defined style, closely linked to a panoramic view, it is possible to create wonderful photographs capable of moving you several years later. However, many couples imagine their own photo album with shots immortalized in the most beautiful places in the world. In reality, the most exciting photographs are those taken on the streets of your town or simply on the bench where you and your partner exchanged their first kiss.

The photos you don't expect

The photographic shots that arouse the most emotions are certainly the surprise ones, that is, all those shots that immortalize smiles, tears and feelings of guests and spouses during conversations. A good photographer will know, especially if he is capable in the reportage style, to give you beautiful photographs of the most touching and profound moments. Sometimes you try to represent happiness with smiles or static poses, but in reality, the emotions of joy and happiness can be immortalized while you are relaxed and let your feelings go, perhaps talking about it with the guests and the people who love you.

The ideal photographer for essential photos

fotografi matrimoni bari

When looking for the perfect shot, we often forget how relevant the sensitivity and technical skills of a professional photographer are. In order to obtain excellent results and photographs of the highest emotional impact, it is essential to rely on professionals, who have a certain empathy with the spouses and the atmosphere. Some couples make the mistake of relying on very good photographers, but not very experienced in the field of weddings, obtaining good results but far below their expectations. The choice of the style of your wedding, be it in clothing or in photography, requires a lot of attention as well as competence. An expert photographer, in harmony with the newlyweds, is the smartest solution to guarantee you a perfect job and essential shots for your wedding album.


Sometimes the best photo, which has the ability to enter the hearts and minds of the couple, is not the most technically accurate. In most cases, the photograph closest to feelings represents the one that induces tears of happiness. Although many couples are looking for a photographer who can guarantee technically flawless photographs, often the best professional is the one who manages to capture the most exciting moment and immortalize it forever on an image. A photographer who knows how to create the right context, combining it with the perception of the feelings experienced by the couple, can offer you an unforgettable photo shoot and make you proud of your emotions during the wedding.

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