Engagement session or pre-wedding service what it is and how it is organized

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Let's see what it is, and what are the reasons for choosing it and making your photographic experience even more immersive and engaging.

If you are reading these lines, you are most likely looking for new and original ideas for your wedding photo shoot. The infinite choice of styles, types and reports related to the world of photography can confuse you a little. In the next few lines, we will analyze one of the most interesting services to enhance your wedding: the engagement session..

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What is the engagement session: pre-wedding service

Although in English it may seem particularly new as terminology, the engagement session is nothing more than a pre-wedding photo shoot, organized with the official photographer of your wedding. More and more photographers are inserting a pre-wedding shooting in the estimate, to offer the newlyweds a complete and never banal reportage. The duration of a photo shoot of this type is about two hours, time in which you will be fully served by the crew. A pre-wedding service enhances reportage, a type of photography that highlights the story of your wedding and tries to emphasize emotions through natural and spontaneous shots. If you wanted to transform your wedding shooting into a story that has a well-defined thread, a pre-wedding reportage photo shoot would be the ideal solution. This can give you a story that begins when you are still engaged and extends to the day of the fateful yes.

The reasons for choosing a pre-wedding service

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In the field of photography and styles, often the motivations for choosing one service over the other are to be found in your personal taste, but in order for you to understand the potential of the engagement session, here are some excellent reasons why it could be the ideal solution for you.


a pre-wedding photo shoot identifies your still being engaged, although the best thought is to get married, it is undeniable that having a memory of the last moments as a maiden is priceless. You can smile as you look back at the shots just before you got married and joke with the love of your life about how beautiful you were.

Break the ice:

bride and groom often find themselves uncomfortable having to go through a photography session on their wedding day. This malaise is often due to the lack of confidence one has with the photographer and his operators. A pre-wedding service can help you to soften the emotion and get used not only to the photographer, but also to the lens so as to valorize the reportage style even more.


more and more couples use the photos taken in the pre-wedding reportage to create wedding invitations. Spending hours finding the right wallpaper, or photo that will draw attention to guests on the invitations, can be made easier by professional photographs taken beforehand. Both the quality and the atmosphere will benefit. Wedding announcements: as for the invitations, even more important are the wedding announcements, these are your business card to inform the guests, not only of the date and place of the location, but above all of the theme and setting that you created together with your partner. Themed shots in a pre-wedding photo shoot can immerse guests in the wedding atmosphere, thus feeling part of an unmissable event.

The places to organize a pre-wedding photo shoote

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In choosing the place, where to carry out the pre-wedding shooting, in many cases you will be bound by the photographer. Although the main theme of the wedding story is agreed with you, often they are the ones who decide which is the ideal location. But in case you had the full freedom, here are some tips on the most beautiful places to valorize the reportage..


to maximize the style in reportage and the pre-wedding service, it is advisable to consider the possibility of choosing a setting similar to that of the wedding. If you have chosen a specific theme for your wedding, the pre-wedding service must be the springboard to that atmosphere. For everything to be coherent and pleasant, there must be a common thread between the engagement session and the wedding.

Reasoning by contrast:

the history of fashion, design and color matching teaches us to reason by contrast. If the idea of choosing a setting similar to that of the wedding day seems too obvious to you, you can think of opting for the opposite solution. A completely different place from that of marriage could break the monotony and manifest the eclecticism of the couple.

You can't rule the heart:

more and more brides love to take a photo shoot in unforgettable places. Retracing the stages of your engagement, through places that remind you of the most important moments, could be a unique event. Reportage is the perfect way to emphasize the memory, and the places that thrill you the most. Imagine yourself in a few years when you see the photos of the pre-wedding service again, and you can exclaim: "we had our first kiss there", if this isn't magic, which one is it?

The couple and friends:

more and more betrothed couple love to include their friends in the pre-wedding photo shoot. This helps not only to soften the emotion but to increase the fun even more. Friends, in many cases, are an integral part of the emotions closest to the couple and being able to include them in prewedding photographs can be a reward for everyone.

The right time to carry out the engagement session

The timing of a pre-wedding photo shoot depends on many factors, the most important are certainly your availability and the work commitments of the photographer. Often it is not easy to reconcile your life with that of the professional, and it is therefore very important to anticipate and organize yourself in time. The most committed photographers tend to recommend at least a date that anticipates the wedding by two months, so as to be able to compensate for possible unforeseen events related to atmospheric agents or the like. However, if your desire is to carry out the pre-wedding photo shoot on a specific day, to highlight a specific occasion, no one forbids you to insist with your photographer and convince him to make you and your partner happy on that date.

As a wedding photographer in Brindisi, a wedding photographer in Lecce, a wedding photographer in Bari, and a wedding photographer in Taranto, we can choose uncontaminated and unique places to carry out this type of service without precluding the most beautiful areas that our Puglia region offers us

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