What to wear during the pre-wedding service: the perfect outfit for your photo session

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Today we will try to understand what to wear during the pre-wedding service, analyzing the characteristics of the perfect outfit for your photo session with your sweetheart.

Photography is an art form that in the twenty-first century is becoming more and more widespread, the skill of a photographer and his photographic style can adapt to the needs of any type of subject, giving life to unforgettable results.

In recent years this form of art is becoming evident above all in the new techniques of wedding photography. Thanks to reportage and many other styles, each couple can treat themselves to a unique and exciting photo album. Maybe you want to go a little further and use a pre-wedding photo shoot, but don't know how to dress?

Your way of being first of all

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In order not to have worries about how to dress for the prenuptial shooting, you can focus on clothing that makes you feel better. You will surely have clothes that you always feel comfortable with and that you are convinced are the ideal solution to avoid problems. Maybe your personality can't do without stilettos or sandals? Although we advise you to have a balanced outfit, try not to distort too much. If the 12 cm heel is a constant in your life, we don't see why you shouldn't wear it in the pre-wedding photo shoot.

A reportage needs a look that conforms to the action

Masseria Moroseta Ostuni

If you have decided together with your photographer that you will carry out a photo shoot at the limit, made up of lots of action and nature, then we advise you not to wear clothes that you particularly care about. It is great to get dirty and have fun with your partner while taking phonographs, but waste is never a smart solution.

The themed dresses

Many couples like to plan a theme for the whole wedding together with their trusted photographer. As you can imagine, the shots of the premarital service must also be compliant. You can therefore adapt your clothing to the theme chosen for the wedding, perhaps with a more "light" shape that enhances the playful side of the couple. Masks, a vintage dress, or something that enhances the couple's imagination, just don't be too far from the main theme.

The consultation you don't expect

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Sometimes the imagination and the do-it-yourself study are not enough, in these cases it may be advisable to use an armocromia consultation to choose the colors of the couple's clothes. Obviously, a professional can advise you in addition to the choice of clothing colors also the make-up based on your skin tone or eye color.

The coordinated bride and groom are the top

Remember that you are getting married with your sweetheart and the photo shoot is dedicated to the couple and not to two people who are casually in front of a photographic lens. You must, therefore, think equally and choose a coordinated look in any case. Be it casual, elegant, or sporty it is essential to create a harmony between your clothes, do you want to put the beauty of the shots?

Colors make the difference

In addition to the possibility of choosing a professional for the color scheme, you must not forget to create balance between your clothes. Each outfit has different colors, but fortunately some colors match perfectly with each other. If you don't like the idea of having a dress of the same color, try to focus on clothing without discoloration and with a basic consistency.

The nuances even more

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If colors are important, shades are certainly more important. The color palette is really very wide, and you can combine it with the colors of the season and your pre-wedding dresses. Maybe you have organized a photo shoot by the sea, in the vineyard, in the hills, in the city or else, in this case to get an excellent result you have to choose clothing that perfectly fits the nuances of these settings. You can enhance your eyes with blue if you are at the sea or green if the atmosphere is full of trees.

Aesthetics combined with lightness

You know very well how important makeup is for the wedding day, make-up tests are as many and often as tiring as a perfect hairstyle. Although the pre-wedding photo shoot is important, it is certainly not as important as the wedding; try to treat the aesthetics of the couple with a lighter make-up that enhances your face with a natural and not artificial effect.

Details are everything

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The best photographers know how to enhance details, so don't be afraid to wear hair bands, scarves, braces, glasses, or many other accessories. Obviously try to match them to the chosen theme and above all to the colors of the clothing; the final result will certainly be better, and your reportage will also benefit from it. Often the best photographs are born from natural movements, a capable photographer will be able to enhance the couple's most beautiful moments.

Pre-wedding photo shoot: professionals

In the whirlwind of emotions, you will have for the photo shoot you may not have all this desire to combine colors, styles, and accessories to obtain a quality result. In these cases, you can rely on the experience and inspiration of a professional photographer, who will be able to advise you on the most suitable pre-wedding photo shoot for you. In addition to the style, which is usually identified with the reportage, the photographer can recommend the best outfit for the setting in which you are going to take the shots and the accessories to wear to enhance your face or your arms.


There is no doubt that wearing a perfect outfit during a pre-wedding service can make the difference, the colors but above all the balance that is created between the narration and the protagonists of the story become a perfect picture of a conscious painter. Try not to overdo it with tones and shades, adopt a style that highlights your personality and enjoy the pre-wedding shooting as if it were a springboard for your wedding day. Do not forget that beauty resides in the couple and not in what is around them.

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