Tips for choosing your wedding date

How to choose the wedding date

Sit comfortably, hug your partner and let's analyze together the aspects you need to pay attention to when choosing your wedding date.

 When a couple decides to get married among the infinite decisions to be made, the most important is certainly the wedding date. Although you will often be constrained by work and the availability of closest relatives, it is necessary to explore more solutions to establish one of the best days of your life..

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Rationality first of all

After receiving the long-awaited marriage proposal, you will surely be in fibrillation, and you can't wait for the wedding day to arrive but breathe a second and put the emotion aside for a moment. Organizing a perfect wedding requires a lot of attention and it is essential to remain lucid and calm in order to plan everything in the best possible way. Take your time and manage all the elements of a wedding in an organized and rational way, considering that both the location and the catering will take at least 10 months. Then the photographer of your dreams could have an even more demanding waiting list, so you must play in advance and think about placing the wedding date at least a year after the proposal. Happiness is great and we imagine the desire to see the wedding ring on your ring finger, but to have a perfect wedding you have to wait a bit. Do not worry, the months go by quickly as you organize everything and most likely a few days before the fateful "yes" you will feel like you are running.

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Weekdays and holidays are the key

Many couples make the mistake of deciding the wedding date and do not pay attention to the day on the calendar. Often underestimating the unexpected of a festivities or a particular overlapping event, such inattention can be a major deterrent for some guests, who may not be able to come to your reception. Even more problematic could be a wedding date during the holiday period, maybe your guests have already booked the holidays, or the weekend and it would be a shame to ruin their plans. We therefore recommend that you check public holidays and try to avoid them if possible so that everyone can be present on the long-awaited day. Equally important are weekdays, how many times have you heard your parents complain about being invited to a wedding in the middle of the week? Guests are not very fond of having to give up a day's work to go to a reception, which would also affect the potential gift you will receive. Keep an eye on the calendar, the latter is your trusted ally.

The availability of the location and the ceremony

Often couples, rather than following their desire in choosing a date, are bound by the days made available by the reception rooms. In order for you to have a range of greater solutions, it is essential to move in time and be able to decide independently the desired day and month. Like the location, it is very important to inquire about the availability of the Church or Municipality to make the happy event coincide with the date chosen by you and your partner. Although it may seem strange to you, parish priest and the person responsible of the civil ceremony, they are always very busy and need to be informed much earlier to satisfy your requests. Getting informed is essential if you want to have everything under control, bureaucracy in many cases plays tricks and losing whole days behind a document to start the practices is certainly not pleasant.

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The day of dreams

The first thought when you and the love of your life decided to get married was surely that of instinctively getting married the day you met. More and more couples, in fact, decide to enhance the day of the first meeting with the wedding date, enhancing even more the path taken up to that moment. While this thought is in common use, it doesn't mean that your dream day is necessarily that. Often it is linked to a date that for the couple means something unique, maybe an ordinary night when you said "I love you" for the first time or when you realized that he was the perfect person for you. Don't be afraid to express your emotions, marriage is a unique event and as such you have to enhance it in all its components, giving strength to the emotions and, why not, a pinch of symbolism because sometimes destiny just seems to have fun with the numbers.

The ideal theme

You might think you want to set up a themed wedding by exploiting all its potential and above all its facets. As it is easy to imagine organizing a beach-themed wedding and then choosing a winter date is not exactly the ideal solution. We advise you to determine the wedding date according to a logic with the adopted theme. Each theme can recall different dates and sensations, by joining the location you can think about the day to choose. American couples love to celebrate their themed weddings on the beach, enhancing the colorful dresses and the goliardic atmospheres, in this case a date in the month of July or August is certainly reliable. Many others, on the other hand, love elegant themes, in this case indoor locations with a date in October or even better in December, the month of Christmas magic, are ideal..

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Photo shoot

If you are particularly attached to the photo shoot and its success, it is essential to choose a wedding date that can make the most of natural light or artificial lighting. Organizing a wedding based on the photo shoot is not as strange as you may think, photography is an art form that can enhance your wedding by taking unique images with the perfect light. We recommend that you listen to the advice of your trusted photographer to choose the best date for the most beautiful and evocative shots.


Choosing the wedding date is definitely not a simple mission but don't get anxious. In these cases, you must be able to link the emotional aspect to the rationality and needs of everyone. With a little patience you will be able to find the best date to celebrate the wedding in the best possible way..

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