How to choose the right photographic style for your needs?


In the next few lines, we will try to examine in more detail how to choose the photographic style that suits your needs, in order to obtain the best possible result based on expectations.

The wonder that can arise from the eyes of the observer of a photograph gives a perfect idea of how important it is to capture the most beautiful moments of one's life and remember them over time. The emotions and vibrations that an image can offer are essential to feel good about yourself, but increasingly neglected by a hectic and chaotic life. Although many people are aware of the beauty and potential of photography, they do not always have clear ideas about the different styles that exist and the ones that best suit their purposes.

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When the traditional style embraces the classic wedding

Among the most used styles for the wedding story there is certainly the traditional style. If you have organized a classic wedding, this type of style will be able to steal the most important moments, such as the exchange of wedding vows or wedding rings. The traditional style is suitable for all those who need structured and studied shots in advance, to make the most of the setting and achieve excellent quality results.

If the couple's needs are to satisfy a photographic composition in which: cutting the cake, details and the best moments must not be missing, then the choice of this type of photography is the smartest solution. The attention to detail and the scrupulousness in representing relatives and friends in photography can be the magic words to induce you to choose this style.

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Photo reportage as a natural story

In recent years, more and more couples have relied on the photo-reportage style, abandoning the almost too set canons of the traditional style. This particular photographic style bases its shots on the documentary representation of the wedding. Through a narrative path, your photo album will be built with the events arranged chronologically, with the aim of recreating a real story telling of the wedding.

The characteristics of this style are mainly two: naturalness of the shots and ghost photographer. In the first case, the couple will enjoy their reception while the photographer will capture the most beautiful moments without poses or dogmas to respect; while in the second case the photographer's skill will be almost like a ghost and his presence will not be felt during the celebrations.

The more timid grooms who love spontaneity will love this style from all points of view.

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The art of feeling special

A style loved by those looking for bright colors and rich in details is certainly the artistic one. By taking photographs in predetermined backgrounds and frames it is possible to produce very high-quality photos that will be even more improved in post-production. If you are looking for photos with filters and special effects, this style will satisfy your needs, giving you small works of art to keep and observe over time.

If you and your better half are looking for something original and different, the artistic style can offer a lot, but it requires great expertise and experience to be carried out with excellent results.

The use of black and white

Lovers of retro style can direct their preferences towards black and white shots. In most cases, a timeless effect is obtained where elegance and representation of details are essential components. Photographers tend to enhance black and white shots to eliminate the defects of artificial light, but also to immortalize moments full of pathos and details of the face or accessories of the couple.

If your wedding dress were to have a vintage style, then this type of photography would be wonderful. It will tell about your elegance and enhance the details often overlooked by the most distracted eyes.

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The style for a trendy wedding: fashion

Maybe you are a person who loves being the center of attention, who after months of taking care of every detail wants to be, together with your partner, the protagonist of the day. Fashion style is then the most appropriate choice. This can guarantee you a very high photographic quality focused on details, highlighting jewels, favors and all those details often left to themselves.

This style, not used by everyone, is aimed at those who love fashion and want to enhance their style on such an important day. The wedding also represents the personality of the couple, and it is therefore essential that you adapt your way of being to the desired style. Loving the world of fashion can be the perfect excuse to use fashion style even on one of the most important days of your life, enhancing the outfit and all the important accessories.

Personal needs are the key to an excellent result

Among all the photographic styles analyzed in the previous paragraphs, it is evident that the needs of the newlyweds are the key to obtaining the best results. Although in many cases the choice of the style closest to one's tastes is the most intelligent solution, it is equally so to discuss with the photographer and choose the most suitable style for the wedding in the program. The first step, in fact, before choosing the style that suits your needs, is to rely on a quality photographer, who has beyond the skills also the sensitivity to adapt to the photographic needs of the couple. Talk to the professional responsible for your wedding album and maybe, thanks to his skills, he will be able to adapt more styles according to your requests. In many cases we are afraid of being intrusive with the photographer, in reality an excellent professional has the skill to empathize with the newlyweds and satisfy them in order to achieve the best possible result.


Organizing a wedding is extremely complicated. The endless surrounding activities can often be confusing. The choice of the photographer is therefore essential to have a beautiful memory of your wedding, but it is important to choose a capable professional who knows different photographic styles, to adapt to the needs of the most demanding newlyweds.

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