Ceremony and reception in the same location: some good reasons to do it

what is ceremony and reception in the same location

In fact, in recent years, more and more couples set up ceremony and reception in the same location to take advantage of its advantages. In the next few lines, we will analyze the six good reasons for doing so. 

Organizing a perfect wedding is everyone's dream but, in many cases, the large number of events to be put together become unmanageable and you end up ruining one of the best days of your life. Quoting the famous architect Ludwig Mies van der Rohe "Less is more" and sometimes trying to simplify the activities during the wedding can be the ideal solution.

cerimonia e ricevimento nella stessa location cos'è e come si organizza

Comfort first of all

The first reason for organizing a ceremony and reception in the same location is certainly the greater practicality. Being able to use a well-defined area, being able to manage both fun and ritual activities is much easier. On your wedding day you will have many things to think about and taking some moments off will be essential, so as not to arrive at the end of the day so tired that you will not be able to give a kiss to the person you love.. The possibility of setting up a single place instead of two allows you to take care of every detail, whether they are related to the banquet or to communication with guests. If your desire is to celebrate a themed wedding, combining reception and ceremony could recreate a perfect atmosphere as well as solve various problems for you.

No stress, please

As you can imagine, every guest on a wedding day wants as little movement as possible, long movements from one place to another exhaust even the most loving guests. For this reason, being able to link the location of the ceremony with that of the reception is, in addition to being a great convenience, also a super appreciated gift by friends and relatives. Avoiding stress for your guests and to the couple is essential if you don't want sweaty clothes and people who are impatient from the constant movement between church and restaurant. The fewer kilometers you travel, the more time you will be able to take a break and enjoy your day, remember that it is a day to remember for its beauty and not for the accumulated stress.

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The third reason that should push you to organize the ceremony and the reception in the same location is the savings. Ignoring the costs of cars, buses, and fuel for moving from one place to another, it is essential to focus on the subsidized costs that you can have by taking advantage of the packages offered by the organizers. Managing two separate events will cost you much more due to expenses related to two different locations, while making arrangements with only one location will allow you to have an overall discount that is convenient not only for you but also for the owner of the place. Another considerable saving is being able to take advantage of the location to put on make-up and dress, without necessarily having to go to your trusted hair stylist. You can, in fact, be easily followed where you want and adjust the timing in a better way without worries for the guests waiting. Weddings have an important cost and being able to optimize expenses and at the same time manage the activities to be carried out is certainly a good reason for choosing this solution.

The photo shoot

If your photo shoot does not include a pre-wedding shooting in which you can better manage the timing for the photographs, it is advisable to opt for a single location for both ceremony and reception. In fact, you can indulge yourself with photographs for as long as you want, making the most of the green areas or the nearby beach. One of the big problems during the wedding is the waiting of the couple while they do their photo shoot, the guests don't like to stay at the table while the couple disappear for hours. By organizing the photo shoot in the same location, you can take advantage of every break to be able to take pictures without boring guests with endless waits. If the chosen location is particularly beautiful you can have even more fun in being observed by relatives and friends during the shots.

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Zen setting

More and more couples are choosing a location that has a particularly relaxing, almost Zen atmosphere. Wellness programs are now in fashion and being able to enjoy a post-wedding day through paths dedicated to relaxation could be the beginning of a wonderful love. Choosing a location of this type for the wedding will help you wake up full of joy and carefree, adding that pinch of happiness that will have to fill the nostalgia of a party that has just ended. Among the most suitable places to celebrate your wedding we recommend Puglia, this offers you many interesting ideas, such as masseria (traditional farmhouse) and private villas, where you can better organize the ceremony and the reception. The beauty of an uncontaminated territory where you can enjoy unique nature and landscapes will give you new life to start your new adventure with your partner..

The night is young

Last but not the least reason is the possibility of being able to celebrate your wedding until dawn. The advantage of choosing a location, be it rural or hotel, capable of combining ceremony and reception, gives you the possibility of being able to party until late at night, including activities such as DJ sets and open bars for adults. Many couples like to divide the location into two parts, one dedicated to the little ones, with soft drinks and teenage music, while the other dedicated to the older ones with modern music and an extra glass of sparkling wine. Friends will love to have fun with the couple all night long, between laughter and embarrassing games you can treat yourself and give a unique day to the people who love you.

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Being able to find a place that can be perfect for both the ceremony and the reception is certainly not a simple mission, the advantages are many and in addition to guaranteeing less stress you can also save a little on costs. Among the smartest solutions is to celebrate in Puglia, a region where both the costs and the natural wonders are exceptional and can enhance guests and spouses.

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