Little things your photographer would like to tell you ... but will never do!

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The link between feeling and memory is photography, a wonderful tool to immortalize two people who love each other. But what are those little things that your photographer would like to tell you but will never do? Today we will see some aspects to be considered in order to obtain quality photographic services.

The visible wonder in the eyes of a couple in love can hardly be described, the feelings and desire of two souls who love each other are always different and bring with them a unique memory over time. Throughout history: painters, musicians and writers have tried to best represent the beauty of the soul of a loving couple and only in very few cases have they actually succeeded.


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When you are with your loved one, the secret is to imagine yourself alone with her on a day organized to feel good; forget the presence of all the operators around you and live your wedding day or a special event as if you were on a distant planet. It will certainly not be easy in the first few minutes, and it is therefore essential to establish a relationship of friendship with the professional to feel at ease and not show shyness. An important part is also played by the skill of the photographer if he knows how to put you at ease you will not even notice it. We advise you to use the Reportage style if you want a less intrusive photographer who enhances the spontaneity of the emotions that you will experience together with your better half.

Know the location

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The great Italian photographers emphasize how essential it is to know the place where the photographs will be taken. Each place has its strategic points and making the most of the light can be of great advantage for quality photographs. We recommend that you go to the places you have planned for the wedding a few days in advance and try the paths to follow together with the professional to obtain a perfect result for your tastes and the style used. In addition to this way of doing, there is also the planning of the times and spaces available for filming and photos. You certainly don't want to miss the first kiss after the fateful yes or the exit from the church where everyone throws the rice. In order for this to be perfect you must take care of the direction of your wedding, remember that the details make all the difference in the world.

A sincere place

How many times have you heard or seen friends and family talking about shooting recorded at home before the wedding? Although it may seem trivial to you, it actually represents the border that separates you between having a new family and leaving another one that has accompanied you throughout your life. Shooting and photographs of this parting must absolutely not be missing if you want to retrace all the stages. Maybe you don't agree with this thesis, and you just don't like the idea of filming and taking pictures in your home or in your parents' home; in this case choosing a different place is the best solution, but which one? You absolutely must aim for a place that makes you feel good and protected. Bring the wedding dress with you and after fixing your hair you can give yourself some unique and sincere photos. In recent years, newlyweds love to film themselves in the places where they met or said I LOVE YOU for the first time. You may want to take this opportunity to highlight a place you care about and take it with you in the wedding album.

The effects are nice but let's not overdo it

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When making a photo shoot, couples often make the mistake of thinking that PhotoShop is the solution to everything in the event of an unsatisfactory result. An intelligent photographer will never tell you that such famous software is not so infallible; therefore, it is up to you to understand that the effects and changes on the original photos may be there but not in a fanciful way. A great photographer takes shots that do not require PhotoShop and in many cases a correct light and subjects made up and dressed well can give great satisfaction without editing software. The search for a professional capable of using PhotoShop well is a good idea, but in most cases try to focus on the style he uses in his work rather than on the effects in post-production.

A unique reportage that can tell your true love story

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There is no doubt that the best way to immortalize two people in love is the Reportage. This photographic style is based on the spontaneity of the newlyweds and the photographer's ability to detach himself almost completely from the style of pose, putting the spouses at ease in any condition. The Reportage is nothing more than a story of one's love story, made up of stages that follow one another chronologically that represent the entire journey of the two lovers. Many couples are almost forced to pose for hours at the controls of the chosen photographer, this is unnerving and, in many cases, does not guarantee pleasant results. If you and your partner don't like a set and almost fake style, then Reportage is the smartest solution to enhance those wonderful moments that come to present themselves only when you are calm and happy. We recommend that you look at the albums produced by the photographer to understand with your own eyes how much more beautiful a wedding album with photos from Reportage is undoubtedly. That moment of joy you felt in looking at your loved one you may find it in your photo album without even knowing why. Joy in this case is priceless and the story of emotions is essential to preserve the memory.


Photographers are often constrained to customer needs; in many cases they will not tell you that some requests are impossible or that it is better to follow one path rather than the other. We advise you to choose a professional who knows how to put you at ease and who can give you wonderful shots to immortalize the best moments. Reportage is the smartest solution if you are looking for a sincere and indelible shooting in your memory.

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